30 September 2023

Discover Extraordinary This Winter with Goldwell

We’re all individuals, we’re all extraordinarily different – and that’s a good thing. So discover extraordinary this Winter by offering your clients a truly extraordinary experience with Goldwell’s @Elumenated colour services and Dualsenses in-salon treatments. 

Discover Extraordinary

Since 1948, Goldwell has been known for breakthrough innovations in the salon industry. Its @Elumenated colour technology offers an opportunity to discover extraordinary brilliance and shine, with a truly unique result. The secret is in the patented @Elumenated high performance direct dyes, which create reflections of brilliant light in a full spectrum of colours. It’s featured across Goldwell’s portfolio, including Topchic, Colorance, Elumen and @Pure Pigments. 

@Elumenated colour is a great opportunity to get your clients to trade-up to a premium and personalised colour service. The benefit for the client? It offers 63% more shine, on average, than regular hair colour¹, boosted colour intensity of your colour formula by up to 3 times² and 2 times more resistance to fading³. What’s not to love! 

This festive season, Goldwell has 2 @Elumenated color services to inspire you and your clients! 


Discover Extraordinary

Goldwell’s Color Morphing Service creates iridescent, holographic effects in hair colour that changes and moves with the light. It’s created with Topchic and @Pure Pigments and the effect comes from mixing equal parts of 2 or more @Pure Pigments shades together. The Topchic shade remains the same, as oxidative colour sits in the cortex; whereas @Pure Pigments creates an iridescent layer on the outside. 

Color morphing with @Pure Pigments is an easy and quick addition to your colour formula to give your client a new colour story, with no extra service time. It will give your client an eye-catching result that dances in the light.  “@Pure Pigments is Goldwell’s most customizable form of Elumenation,” says Alex Collins, Goldwell’s EMEA Education Development Manager. “When selecting your @Pure Pigments shades, remember opposites attract. For example, Pure Violet and Pure Yellow in a brunette will have their own time to shine in the light.” 


Discover Extraordinary

Goldwell’s Shadowing Service adds areas of depth and dimension in a natural way. It’s an easy and subtle way to change your client’s colour, without the fuss. 

This look is created with Elumen, Goldwell’s purest form of Elumenation with the strongest @ Elumenated results in the Goldwell portfolio. It’s an ammonia and oxidant-free powerful colour that refills damaged areas within the hair fibre.

With the Shadowing Service, you are adding depth at the root and a level lighter at the ends. You need to stay two levels difference from the root to the ends. For example, a level 10 on the ends and a level 8 on the roots. This creates a natural look and helps to diffuse the client’s regrowth. “When deciding your shadowing service colour placement, always follow the client’s natural parting,” adds Alex Collins, Goldwell’s EMEA Education Development Manager. “Remember to blend is your friend, merge your color products together to create that seamless look.” 


Offering an in-salon treatment is another easy way to trade-up a client’s service this Winter. Make your service extraordinary by treating your client to a Dualsenses Intensive Conditioning Serum. These in-salon treatments are great for enlarging your service portfolio and demonstrating your expertise to your client. 

The change in climate from Summer to Winter can cause stress on the hair. Dualsenses Intensive Conditioning Serums are quick and easy, taking less than 5 minutes in-salon. You can give your client an instant result, that they can’t get at home. It is also a great conversation starter to talking to your client about at-home care and festive gifts. 

Goldwell offer’s 7 Dualsenses Intensive Conditioning Serums for clients to choose from. Our stylist favourite is the Color service. It’s the perfect finish of every colour service, instantly locking colour and amplifying luminosity. It helps to keep in-salon colour vibrant for up to 22 hair washes, a must-have for all colour clients. 


¹ Based on shine measurement: TC 6N in combination with @PP Yellow, Orange, Red and Violet compared to TC 6N at max, recommended usage amount. 

² Based on Chroma measurements TC + @PP (Yellow, Red, Orange, Violet) vs TC + standard mix shades at max recommended usage amount 

³ Average value of TC + @PP vs TC + standard mix shades at max, recommended usage amount 

Discover Extraordinary This Winter!

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