2 October 2023

4DColor Method – USA Bound!

Johnny Almagno is a hairdresser with long salon experience. He has created the 4Dcolor Method – an innovative technique that is about to become a hugely popular in the USA, thanks to an exciting new training course about to be launched.

After much experience in customer contact, Johnny Almagno tells us more how the 4Dcolor Method is about to debut in the United States.

How did you begin working in the industry?

I started working as a hairdresser when I was 15. I attended hairdressing school and several courses during that time.

What do you specialize in?

In the salon I started as a hairdresser and I dedicated myself exclusively to the client. I was passionate about the world of color, as well as the technical aspects. I concentrated on how to create shades – that was also the moment when we all entered the world of the Internet and YouTube. However, I noticed that it was taking too long to present a complete coloring technique properly, so I tried to find a way to solve this problem.

What is the 4Dcolor Method?

The 4Dcolor Method consists of an application of multiple colors and bleaches. In practice, it optimizes the time taken for balayage, for example, which can take up to 3 hours. It also depends on the length of the hair, because there is more than one step involved. With my method, six color services are carried out in a single step in just 30 minutes. The customer only goes to be rinsed once. Furthermore, it is not necessary to tone up – that is the beauty of the 4Dcolor Method. When we started showing it to colleagues, many companies noticed us and recognized the value of the method. They therefore started sponsoring and training the 4Dcolor Method in Europe.

You have also studied a Hair Extension coloring method. Would you like to tell us something more about that?

The second step of our training started in 2017. It is a method of applying color to extensions. We teach how to make the best shades to apply to extensions, where the hair does not allow it. We talk about the color effect on the length of the client’s hair. We carry out training on extensions, teach application with an innovative system and also how to subsequently color or bleach them.

What is your main business? Did you stop teaching your courses during the pandemic?

We only deal with training. The 4Dcolor Method is only taught face-to-face courses. It is a registered trademark both in Europe and in the United States and is not disclosed on other channels. During the pandemic we stopped training, but we maintained contact with our students.

How do you see the hairdressing profession today?

The percentage of hairdressers who, after the pandemic, worked alone or with just one other person rose to 60%. Precisely for this reason, the new 2023 format of the 4Dcolor Method allows you to optimize times, even more and do the work almost all by yourself.

Are you always discovering new challenges?

Hairdressing is one of those categories where it’s difficult to increase prices. Therefore, our advice is to try and help keep customers happy by offering a wider choice of salon services. Only in this way can we try to create a good balance while communicating  in the most professional way. In our courses we also teach the correct method to approach the customer. The most common mistake that hairdressers can make is to just raise prices because cost are going up, but without enhancing or diversifying the services on offer.

Our big news is 4Dcolor USA. Our headquarters will be in Miami (FL) Florida. The training course on offer there will be the same as the one in Italy. The two projects will go hand in hand and we are very proud of them!


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