21 May 2024

Colour Consultation Tips by Terry Longden

The consultation is the most important part of the client visit, especially the colour consultation. It gives you time to establish what the client wants, what is achievable and to offer your expert advice.

Colour Consultation

Matrix Artist Ambassador Terry Longden says there are certain questions you need to ask. “We used to decide on what tone-on-tone to use depending on skin tone and eye colour, and while this still works perfectly if the client wears no-to-minimal makeup, we need to delve deeper into their psyche and discover more about their lifestyle, their reasons for their colour choice and their expectations.” Here are eight questions you should ask during your colour consultation.

1 Do you wear silver or gold? This will determine if they are a warm or cool person.

2 Do you fake tan regularly? This will change their skin tone so you need to take this into account.

3 What are the main colours in your wardrobe? This will give you an indication of the tones they tend to wear.

4 What is your budget? Establish this so you know what service to offer.

5 Will you invest in professional products to maintain the hair? This will give you an idea of the level of investment they are prepared to take to keep the tone and integrity of the hair.

6 Are you prepared to go on a hair journey? This will give you an idea of whether they are willing to come back 2-3 times to get the hair they want.

7 Are you prepared for a long appointment? Ensure they realise it could take more than an hour to get their desired colour.

8 Were you inspired by social media? If they have brought in an image from Instagram, you may need to explain how filters work and the look may be unachievable on their hair.


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