4 December 2022

Meet Amber Maynard Bolt! Alfaparf Colorist of the Year 2022

Amber Maynard Bolt is the new Alfaparf Milano Professional Colorist of the Year 2022. The competition highlights the excellence and talent of hair stylists in the country.

The Italian House of Beauty, Alfaparf Milano Professional, named Amber Maynard Bolt the new Alfaparf Milano Professional Colorist of the Year 2022. Amber nabbed the title during the second installment of the annual Colorist of the Year Contest. This competition is Alfaparf’s way of highlighting the excellence and talent of hair stylists in the country.

Salon professionals – hair stylists, colorists, and barbers – all play an important role in helping people look and feel their most beautiful. They have a talent and a craft that changes people’s lives. As a brand, Alfaparf Milano Professional acknowledges the importance of this craft through Colorist of the Year. This contest is a celebration of excellence across the United States. It tests all skills from cutting to styling, color formulation and application, and everything in between.

The Colorist of the Year contest is open to all licensed stylists residing in the United States and lasts for 8 months. It starts in March and the final stage is live face-off in New York City. The host salon and venue is appropriately also the Alfaparf Milano Professional Domestic Academy, Hairthrone Salon.

How Colorist of the Year works

The Colorist of the Year contest consists of four different stages. During each stage hair stylists must complete specific tasks to show their mastery and skill set before moving on to the finals. The contestants, all professional hairdressers, must demonstrate their talent, skill, and technique by being fluent in working on all hair types and textures. They must also showcase technical excellence with their formulation, application, and finished results. Only six finalists reach the finals, which then take place in New York City. This year, Amber Maynard Bolt of Alchemist Amber in Los Angeles, successfully demonstrated her expertise in all these skills.

This year Alfaparf Milano Professional USA joined forces with the global team. Indeed, as the winner of the Colorist of the Year USA, Amber Maynard Bolt will go on to compete in the global Color GenHAIRation contest in Milan. As part of the grand prize, the winner of the global contest will create a shade to expand the Alfaparf Milano Professional 2023 color portfolio, which is available worldwide.


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