23 April 2024

Tooling up with Denman: everything you need for the latest looks

Stylists, barbers and clients alike will be tooling up with Denman tools. The Jack Dean barbers range is ideal for creating the shapes, textures and styles in demand. And to boost your bottom line with retail that your clients will love

Next year is set to be a BIG year in men’s hair. So you should be tooling up! Denman has what you need for men who are ready to shake off the final traces of Covid lockdown style and ditch the WFH look. As 2023 rolls around, the distinctions between barbershop cuts and salon hair are increasingly beginning to merge. Barbers are embracing scissor cuts and spending more time on styling. Also because customers lean towards longer looks with more structure and shape. Nowadays there are more male versions of traditionally female shapes like the Bob and the Shag – and lots more texture. Barbers and stylists trust Denman Brush because they have always been on the cutting edge of innovation.

The Denman D200 Black Skeleton Vent Brush for root lift

The D200 Black Skeleton Vent brush is perfect for flexible styling during blow-drying. It is perfect for root lift and creating natural shapes. The pin pattern and curved head create naturally loose shapes and styles. Ball-ended tips on flexible pins glide through the hair for easy detangling. Moreover, specially located vents allow warm air to circulate directly at root level for quick blow-dries.

The Denman D25 Fantail Comb for sculptural styling

8 widely spaced round-teeth of the D25 Fantail Comb are perfect for penetrating thick or curly hair. The Double-pronged fantail is perfect for teasing or sculptural styling. A precious addition to a barber’s toolbox!

The Denman Pompadour Comb for ultimate separation

The Denman Pompadour Comb is perfect for creating separation and lines in the hair. So often details in the styling and finishing make all the difference, and this comb is the tool you need for the job.

Stocking up on the core kit will be essential for the upcoming trends and the Jack Dean by Denman barbers range is packed with professional tools that are ideal to create the shapes, textures and styles in demand.

Photo credits

Men’s Grooming: Hair: Mike Taylor @miketayloreducation | Photo: Liam Oakes @liamoakesphoto

Women’s Hairfashion: Hair: Josh Woodman @joshwoodmanhair | Photo: Desmon Murray @desmondmurray


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