11 December 2023

The best short hairstyles for Fall

Short, but not too short. For this fall the trend is to keep hair just above the shoulders, avoiding minimalist cuts.

Harmony and balance. Short hairstyles for Fall 2022 do not venture into buzz cuts, but are reasonable, at a length we can define as average. Just below the chin or just above the shoulders. And when hair is truly short, they can enhance face shape.

Short hairstyles for fall: the sleek bob

The short bob for the near future is mostly sleek and need, possibly blonde and with a center part. With just a slight flip under and inward, it follows the lines of the face with a curve that is barely perceptible, but perfectly enhances the features. The texture is sleek but without exaggerating: a minimum of movement lends a natural touch.

Short hairstyles for Fall 2022: the bixie cut

Halfway between the bob and the pixie cut – Bixie is a fusion of both names – this not very short cut is perfect for the fall.

The Bixie is an incomparable wild card because it is a masterful mix of the soft lines of the short bob with the geometries and quiff of the Pixie cut.

Short fall hairstyles: the short mullet

Let’s admit it, in its longer version the mullet has been criticized much more than what it actually deserves. This is mostly due to its awkward and unbalanced, sometimes bizarre proportions. But the short Mullet? Well, let’s see. As a survivor from recent seasons, this hairstyle is mostly average/short and can be a temptation for fall. Especially if it in a two-toned version.

It’s always a question of proportions. To make the shape of this type of cut more appealing, there must be a sense of balance between the backcombing on top and the lengths on the neck that reach the shoulders. When these two limits are surpassed, the look loses some of its magic.

Short cuts for fall: the bowl cut

The bowl cut can be eye-catching, especially when it distinguishes itself from the bob, with little movement and without many variations. When the cut is dynamic, like this one, a few shorter strands on top lend some movement. They can soften shapes that may otherwise be too structured.

Soft and short curls

Ideal for those who start out with naturally curly or wavy hair, the short cut for this fall embraces curls that are dreamy and romantic. This soft approach lends hair a more natural mood, capable of enhancing the face.


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