2 March 2024

Halloween Hair How To: The Medusa

It’s creepy crawly season again and what hairdressers in our industry doesn’t LOVE a Halloween hair look? Learn how to recreate it!

Karla Valenzuela, Sam Villa Ambassador and Redken Artist @kolor.me. karlaa, shares a fun Halloween Hair look for inspiration. “I was inspired by J-Lo’s high buns for this Medusa look. I wanted to give the idea of snakes by waving the hair in a snake-like way and weaving it throughout golden snakes,” explains Valenzuela.

Halloween How To: Medusa

  1. Apply Redken Water Wax 03, smooth hair with a Sam Villa® Artist Series Polishing Paddle Brush, gather a high ponytail and tie a butchers knot with sewing elastic to secure. 
  2. Wrap extension wefts around the ponytail and secure with pins.
  3. Insert a large donut form by pulling the ponytail through the hole and secure with bobby pins. 
  4. Spray Redken Iron Shape 11 on all the ponytail hair for thermal protection and hold.
  5. Wave hair by alternating between the Sam Villa® Pro Results Single-Waver and Double-Waver to give a variety of texture.
  6. Wrap hair around the donut form to create an oversized bun. Leaving some strands hanging to show the waves.
  7. Embellish the bun with rubber snakes from a craft store sprayed gold. Make “snake pins” by poking holes through the snakes and insert open end pins through them.
  8. Apply Redken Hardwear 16 to baby hairs and tendrils and use a small detail comb to create a wave that frames the face and mimics the shape of the snakes.
  9. Stick on small gems around the face framing waves.
  10. Finish with Redken Triple Take 32 for strong hold.

Credits: Hair – @kolor.me. karlaa; Makeup – Sarah Evans @hair.by.sarahevans


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