30 September 2023

Liquid Hair: the super-smooth hair trend

Just saying ‘smooth’ is not enough. Liquid Hair styling goes well beyond the concept of smooth. The name says it all! This means venturing into the concept of… liquid.

Not long ago, when you wanted to get super-smooth hair, people would use the term glossy. This was especially true if you wanted extraordinary shine. The word sleek also gave the idea of order and poise intrinsic to the styling. Not even even one hair should be out of place.

Now another term has come up, to describe something that goes beyond the idea of smooth. As the term implies, Liquid Hair is so smooth that it appears to be… liquid.

Liquid Hair and the new Hype

No doubt about it. Next spring and summer will be dominated by Liquid Hair, according to the latest fashion weeks in Milan and Paris. Even Chiara Ferragni confirmed this trend. She showed up on both occasions sporting this style, well then we should take stock in it. The most popular influencer on the planet has definitively launched a trend that has been in the air for a while now. But she isn’t the only one. Other glamorous stars are also on board.

Kim Kardashian: the original Liquid Hair

One star who has always insisted on a liquid and silky finish is Kim Kardashian. Indeed, she has made Liquid Hair one of her signature looks.

Her fluid, shiny, and soft mane seems to reflect light, as if it were coated with a thin film of water. This is a style that is obsessively neat, luxurious, and elegant. Absolutely no frizz allowed.

Dua Lipa and Jennifer Lopez

Even this British pop star is crazy about Liquid Hair. And she loves it in any color, even if brown is always her favorite base.

Another diva who loves Liquid Hair is Jennifer Lopez, who often sports her hazelnut-hued hair so incredibly smooth and neat that is looks unreal.

The secret to getting this look? Can you get it at home? The answer is… if you want to get this effect it would be better to consult your favorite salon where they offer professional keratin treatments. A home-spun version of Liquid Hair is not impossible, but you need lots of patience: use a smoothing product when you wash your hair, use a good flat iron for an impeccable finish and increase shine with products that can give a “liquid” effect, but not greasy!


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