23 April 2024

Community players: Denman’s global outreach

Supporting community players is an ongoing activity for Denman International. Here are just two very different examples of how the hairdressing industry is paying it forward.

Today many brands and salon professional have found that their activities transform them into community players. Apparently making people feel better about their self-image triggers a ripple effect that reaches far beyond their core business. Denman Brush is one company that continues to cultivate their CSR (corporate social responsibility) from the top. And the trickle-down effect is inevitable as the seeds are sown in a variety of terrain around the globe.

Denman supports Schools Sport Outreach Programme

Earlier this month Denman partnered with Annandale Men’s Hockey Club in South Belfast (Ireland) to help launch expansion of their Schools Outreach Programme. Denman Chairman, Dr John Rainey MBE has long had ties to the club from his hockey playing days. So he was delighted when his £2000 donation funded opportunities for children who otherwise could not afford to play. The donation is part of Denman’s consistent and purposeful CSR (corporate social responsibility) strategy. The objective is to do good for the community, the environment and the industry.

Speaking at the launch, Club Chairman John Stephens said ‘This program is all about bringing the sport of hockey to schools who would not otherwise have the opportunity to play it. The program has proven very popular in introducing hockey to children in a fun setting. We are indebted to Denman and Belfast City council. Without their support this expansion would not be possible.

Dr John F. Rainey MBE, Chairman of Denman and the Denroy Group added ‘Sport is a great way for children to exercise and the kids really enjoy it. The work that Annadale is doing with these schools is absolutely fabulous and long may we continue to support this.

Community players “across the pond”

Meanwhile, across the Atlantic, in Ashville, North Carolina, Denman Ambassador Skip Fellers, owner of Neon Moon, opens the doors of her salon and her heart to those less fortunate. Indeed, last September Skip and her team chose to offer ‘pay what you can’ days. On these days clients can receive amazing Neon Moon services and literally pay whatever sum they can for their appointment.

Skip Fellers is a talented hair stylist who knows her worth. On a regular day she charges from $95 to $240 for a cut at her salon. But she also believes in being a community player and paying it forward. Skip says “I am adamant about charging my worth with an hourly rate that includes gratuity. Yet I wanted to find a way to be accessible to the many artists, musicians and service industry folks in my local community. I’ve done raffles, giveaways, and even free haircut days on occasion. But I wanted a more permanent fixture on my books. From there, I decided to offer one ‘pay what you can’ day each month. I even encourage my stylists to do the same. All of the stylists that work at Neon Moon Salon are passionate about accessibility and giving back with our craft.”

With many families facing financial difficulties, the ‘pay what you can’ day is a wonderful way to embrace the community. It helps people feel a little better. “It’s so sweet hearing feedback from the people that book on these days. They’re so grateful and appreciative and there’s definitely been some teary-eyed moments. One of my favorite aspects of being a stylist is meeting new people and having that human connection. I love the fact that offering this day allows me to touch more lives with a great haircut. Moreover, it is often at a time that potentially they need it the most. On top of that, my regular clients have voiced how this makes them even happier to pay my usual rate, knowing that it helps fund these community give back days,” says Skip.


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