22 May 2024

Luxe Velvet Hair Colour

Velvet is a trend that comes back on trend each Autumn/Winter with clothing but now, it’s also becoming a hair trend, whereby clients are looking to achieve hair colour that has high shine and that is rich and decadent for the season.

Luxe Velvet

“When it comes to creating velvet inspired hair looks in the salon, using the right colour services are key,” explains Suzie McGill, Artistic Director at Rainbow Room International. “Glossing is a great service to give the hair richness and intense shine and may be a particularly great service for brunettes or those with bolder red hair shades such as cherry reds, as the services enhances the base shade fantastically and allows it to look healthy and vibrant.

“Highlights is another service that can be used to create the luxe velvet hair colour trend,” continues Suzie. “This is particularly great for those with a block blonde or copper shade and also for brunettes too. By adding subtle, thin highlights that don’t have that ‘streaky affect’ this will give the hair movement and a beautiful shimmer, like you would see on velvet clothing.

“The key to this trend is that the hair looks in optimum condition and although choosing the correct colour service is important, so is aftercare. Velvet clothing always feels smooth and the same goes when it comes to providing your clients with the velvet hair trend.

Smoothness and shine

“The colour will always look its best with smoothness and shine and without frizz, therefore, clients must look after their hair colour at home with at home hair masks and treatments to keep the colour looking as bright and glossy as possible. Hair care products like hair oils are also a great product for clients to invest in, which will help give the hair added hydration and a luxe look and feel, whilst also keeping the colour vivid and long-lasting.

“Clients should also ensure they try to create the professional salon blow-dry look at home with these hair colours. Using a hairdryer with a nozzle, a heat protection spray and a round brush are a necessity for clients to help provide hair with a smooth finish and glass like shine. The great thing about this trend is there is a shade to suit everyone. This is true whether the client is looking for a colour that looks natural or that is more striking.

“My favourite luxe velvet hair colours for the season are chestnut brunette and cherry red. These shades are so fitting for the season and have a beautiful warmth to them that adds an instant glow to the complexion. More unique shades like navy blue also work well and can give the hair a beautiful, rich pigmentation that really makes a statement.”


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