23 May 2024

Entering the very heart of Maria Nila

Estetica visits the impressive Maria Nila factory in Sweden, a great opportunity to learn about a company that works towards the vision of leading sustainable beauty.

The Maria Nila customized factory is located in Helsingborg, in the south of Sweden – an innovative manufacturing plant but also a unique beauty hub where the company drives and owns the entire process from concept to finished product, so they can ensure that they follow Good Manufacturing Process (GMP) while developing 100% vegan, animal-friendly products with color protecting formulas.

Located at the very heart of Swedish hair care, the Maria Nila beauty centre covers an area of 9,500 sqm. Here operates the whole process from creative ideas to finished products on the rack, meaning that Maria Nila covers all development processes in-house; from trend forecasting and resourcing of new ingredients, to chemistry, formula development, filling of bottles and finally storing in the warehouse on their way to salons all over the world. This customized factory is designed to produce sustainable beauty on a new level. Features like a roof covered with solar panels, a recycling system for the production’s water supply and circular air condensation equipment, which allows for the residual heat to be transferred back into the production process, all mean great energy efficiency that makes the most out of the invested resources.

A breakdown in numbers tells that the beauty hub has a capacity of producing 12 million units per year, generating less energy and emissions per produced unit than ever before.

The areas in this beauty hub are named after pioneers within sustainability and veganism to further highlight the Maria Nila mission of a friendlier world, such as the Watson Conference Hall, named after Donald Watson, the founder of Vegan Society and the one who came up with the term ‘vegan’,” says Marcus Wikström, CEO.

Maria Nila Booster Masque Collection

While visiting their amazing facilities in Helsingborg, Estetica also had the opportunity to be the first to discover Maria Nila’s latest launch — the new Booster Masque: six new finishing treatments with superpowers, one for each Care & Style range. These travel-sized hair boosters are infused with high concentrated active ingredients, stronger fragrances, colorful formulas and a low pH, so that no conditioner is needed. All in all, these true superheroes will boost your clients’ hair, save time and create that “straight from the salon feeling when you’re on the go“. Why Booster? Well, in a day-to-day schedule of never-ending meetings, socializing and keeping up with your online persona, there’s not much time left for great hair. Therefore, Maria Nila wanted to create an on-the-go treatment for those who seek a luxurious experience, in no time.

Product Attributes & Ingredients

Maria Nila Booster masques are fast working rinse out hair treatments supercharged with active ingredients.
• x10 times main active ingredient for a boosted result
• 50 % stronger fragrances for long-lasting experience
• Low pH (4.0-4.5) for quick results, no conditioner needed
• Processing time: 3 minutes
• Protects hair color thanks to Sunflower Seed Extract
• Can be combined with all Care & Style series
• Boost your hair, time and result
• Pocket-sized tube – bring your booster anywhere

On the journey to lead sustainable beauty, Maria Nila also strives to create functional and convenient packaging, with minimum product waste. Therefore, they made the Booster Masque easy to use and recycle correctly thanks to a tube made out of 100% recycled PCR aluminum, a cap with 100% recycled plastic, and no single use outer packaging. The vibrant colors of the packaging were carefully chosen to match the rest of the Care & Style series. The boosters have a fun unique pebble shaped cap with their logo, that makes it easy to stand by itself.

Established in 1999, Maria Nila continually strives to provide the world with professional beauty in a friendly, curious and honest way. Thanks to their philosophy they provide 100% vegan, high-quality products that are developed out of the love for animals and the environment, making it easier for everyone to take a step towards a friendlier future.

For more information, please visit marianila.com


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