15 June 2024

Weather report! 5 suggestions for weatherproof hairstyles

Sun, rain, wind, humidity: changing seasons are unstable by definition and our hair responds in kind. Let’s see these 5 weatherproof hairstyles for autumn.

Changing seasons are by definition subject to unstable weather. If the weather is fickle, the possibility of keeping your hair under control is always lowered. Luckily, there are some weatherproof hairstyles that can make life a bit easier for us. These looks can even fight off humidity thanks to their stability or, vice-versa, their capacity to adapt to constant changes.

Here are the 5 weatherproof hairstyles that will make it easier to deal with the onset of autumn.

The wet look is perfect for autumn weather

Typical of the summer months, the wet look is actually well suited to autumn weather because it is both practical and chic. This can be useful for those first evening occasions indoors.

Although it can work with all textures and lengths, it works especially well on shoulder-length hair. To get it ad hoc, while your hair is still actually wet, apply a combination of a gloss finish and gel from the roots to the tips. Then you can decide whether to slick it all back away from your face or to create sections to put behind your ears.

Pony tail, an easy weatherproof look

The pony tail is another timeless autumn look that lately has been revived in its high version up and off the nape. This is also known as the Barbie ponytail. This pony tail is versatile enough to wear on both sporty or elegant outfits. Depending on how high you place it, the effect can be very different. If you place it way up, with a tightly pulled and sleek effect, it highlights the cheekbones and makes you look younger. For a perfect finish, it’s best to manage baby hair by brushing after spraying hair spray on the bristles. At a middle height it because makes it easier to enhance the texture with a good volumizer. Then gather up the hair with your fingers, without using a comb. One trick can be tried to reduce slipping at the nape of the neck: Look upwards when you tie the pony tail.

Beach waves a perfect weatherproof solution

Another style that we can say is classic among autumn hair looks aims at a natural effect and tousled hair. Beach waves are very wearable, but require a certain amount of effort in perfecting the technique. In spite of their casual appearance, a fundamental element is getting just the right texture. On smooth hair you need to apply a volumizing mousse and dry locks with a diffuser. Instead, for curly hair you need to relax the wave. To get this result you can wash your hair before going to bed and, instead of using a hair dryer, use some paper towels to wring and pat hair dry. Indeed, paper towels stabilize the locks and absorb more water than terrycloth towels.

Box braids for weatherproof glamour

Box braids got their name from the square shaped sections created at the base of the braid. Hair must be perfectly dry and three sub-sections must be created inside each square to create each braid. This style can last up to six weeks, depending on the type of hair and how they are maintained. It may be useful to apply some oil to moisturize the hair during the time it remains braided.

With the Knot and bun your style is also windproof

Depending on where they are placed, these small chignons are either called knots, if low, and buns, if high. They are created in different ways but they have one thing in common. A wow effect although they are very simple to create. Even in these two cases the finishing product can be very useful. One is a fixing spray or a glossy paste that help to give some shine and support for longer duration, even if it’s windy.


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