10 December 2023

The bottleneck bob: a modern cut that never disappoints

Between vintage vibes and a modern reinterpretation, the bottleneck bob, is the cut that looks good on everyone.

Everyone knows that the bob is one of the most popular cuts, thanks to its strategic length that looks good on all types of faces. If we add some particular bangs, then we have the bottleneck bob. The bob with bottleneck bangs is trending again thanks to the influence of English hairstylist Tom Smith. This is how he defined it on his Instagram profile: “The shape of the bangs is narrower in the upper part, then widens just like the shoulders of a bottle before curving and lend an extra detail below the cheekbone. It’s very 70s, but can be very in vogue in spite of this.

The bob

This reference goes back to one of the icons of Swinging London, Jean Shrimpton, whose look actually featured bottleneck bangs.

Today, the combination of a mid-length cut like the bob gives it a contemporary update. It consists of a bob where the bangs take on the shape of an upside-down C on the forehead, which frames the face to enhance the eyes and soften features. Kaia Gerber and Billie Eilish are among today’s celebs who have sported this look.

The focus of this cut is in its softness. The styling has a natural effect, with strands that can move freely to lend a fresh and youthful mood. The lengths, which can vary from the chin down to caressing the shoulders, and the layered strands lighten the whole look, while the curved movement can be obtained with a large round brush.

Finally, it should be noted that the bottleneck bob can be transformed completely with a few small changes. For example, to get a more refined effect, just set the bangs and strands.

Or, pulling the bangs to the side gives a more elegant and chic look.


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