6 December 2023

Medusa – Hair Has No Gender!

Edinburgh’s leading salon group, Medusa, have announced the launch of their gender neutral menu. As one of the largest salon groups in the UK to make the move, the brand are hoping to showcase to salons across the country that it’s time all salons became gender neutral.


Managing Director, Colin McAndrew, who recently won Business Director of the Year for the second time in three years at the British Hairdressing Business Awards, recognises the importance of creating an inclusive environment in their salons. “Over the last two years, we at Medusa have been on a mission to improve the culture of our salons. We’ve introduced a fertility policy, complimentary period products and a menopause drive. Next on our agenda was producing a gender neutral pricing menu.”


Discussion groups with a variety of clients and senior team members have taken place over the last three months in order to ensure the menu worked for all. “We didn’t want to enter into something without feeling fully educated. We hosted focus groups with clients to discuss their preferences and listened without prejudice to why the current style of female/male pricing was no longer relevant. From here, we devised a menu together that felt inclusive and respectful.”

Medusa client, Hannah Raymond stated, “It’s lovely to see companies like Medusa taking an active stance. Especially against gender based discrimination and the pink tax by adapting their pricing model based on clients hair. This is such a great move towards equality and inclusion of queer and gender non-conforming folks.”

The launch of the gender neutral menu has also coincided with the Medusa team learning about gender types. “Understanding the broad spectrum of gender allows us to create a space that feels inclusive for everyone. All genders are welcome and included at Medusa.”


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