13 April 2024

Autumn hair loss: how to get a head start on prevention

Autumn hair loss is a normal phenomenon, for both him and her. But to prevent summer vacay rhythms from worsening the situation, here is some advice on what to do during late summer.

Thinking about keeping autumn hair loss at bay during late summer is a good strategy. In this period of the year it is common to notice hair on your pillow or more of it in your comb or brush. This is actually quite normal and coincides with the physiological changes of hair. Buy to avoid exaggeration, it may help to follow some recommendations as soon as a few months ahead of time. This means late summer.

We asked Franco Falbo, a hairstylist from Turin, Italy, to explain what to do and how to intervene to repair hair damaged by the sun, sea, and pools during the summer and fight autumn hair loss.

Indeed, he claims, “In summer we make some mistakes that can be summed up as follows”:

  • over-exposure to the sun
  • frequent washing with products that are not always the best-suited
  • brine due to swimming in salt water, which can dry out hair and make it brittle
  • chlorine which especially damages lengths
  • an unhealthy diet
  • stress and a fast-paced lifestyle
  • smoking
  • use of overly-aggressive chemical product

All these factors lead to the change of season with hair that is stressed, weakened, and thinner.

What can we do to regulate this condition?

These suggestions regard lifestyle and the summer hair routine” explains Franco Falbo, so that we can establish the synergies necessary to fight autumn hair loss.

  • always try, as much as possible, to maintain a balanced diet;
  • lead a healthy lifestyle;
  • drink at least 2 liters of water a day;
  • resort to dietary supplements that facilitate restoration of scalp health;
  • what is extremely important is the selection of the products to be used during the summer: shampoo and a mask with UV protection. Add a sunscreen suitable to your type of hair to be applied several times a day when you’re out in the sun;
  • rinse hair with fresh water after every swim in salt water.

When you get back home, what advice can you give to restore hair health and prevent autumn hair loss?

Usually, during the winter, we find an increase in the cases of dandruff and seborrhoic dermatitis. These conditions often mean itching. They are conditions that indicate an inflammation of the scalp and so an increase in hair loss. For this reason it is important to carry out an accurate analysis of the hair and scalp, which makes it possible to find any potential problems, identify the causes and, after having verified the hair health, adopt the best course of prevention.

Another important suggestion is to massage the scalp, because it reactivates the micro-circulation and improves the blood flow. This increases the nourishment that reaches the follicles.” In conclusion: Franco Falbo’s main advice is not to panic when you lose hair in the autumn, but with the right care and prevention we can return from our vacations and face the change in season confidently. “Hair is an important for all of us and should never be neglected.


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