9 June 2023

Extra-large bangs are trending: long, big, and brimming with personality

Super trendy, this season bangs are anything but minimal. On the contrary, XL bangs can make a big impression and ooze personality.

By Extra large we mean something undoubtedly oversize, or anyway larger than average. But when we talk about XL Bangs what are we talking about? To the length? To the fullness of the cut? Actually, to both! Because the trendiest bangs are currently very long and high-volume, so slightly curved.

Do you remember Anne Hathaway in her breakthrough film, The Devil Wears Prada? Well, she had extra-large bangs, open in the front, very full and as long has half-way as the rest of her very long lengths. Let’s take a look as some of the characteristics of XL Bangs, one of the most popular this season.

What cuts work

As the bangs are very long and voluminous, XL Bangs look best with medium-long cuts, where they really shine. Then there are no other precise rules that limit the expression of XL Bangs. They really stand out in super-smooth hairstyles or in slightly wavy ones, like this.

Geometric, precise, and clean-cut, Extra-large Bangs can also co-exist with curly hair, although curls tend to infringe on its effect, in contrast to sleek styling, which tends to exalt its shapes. Other than that, there are no limits. Curtain style or full, it is important that the go beyond the eyebrows and just brush the eyes.

Who can wear XL bangs?

In harmony with long faces, they contrast with rounder faces, XL Bangs are very versatile and essentially look god on everyone. But we can’t say they are very practical, given that they must be maintained so they won’t lose their shape.

Just one piece of advice: when it comes to curly hair, it’s better not to push it, opting for light and simple cuts so you don’t weigh down your facial features.

Stars prefer XL bangs

In addition to Anne Hathaway, maxi bangs are also a favorite with Belen Rodriguez who has always sported long, voluminous bangs.

Even Lily Collins, aka Emily in Paris, simply loves XL bangs, who is always eager to upgrade the volume, letting them freely brush against her thick eyebrows.

Among some Italian celebs is Melissa Satta who has a thing for full, long, high-volume bangs. And when her lovely locks are neither quite up nor down, there favorite is certainly… XL Bangs.

How to manage XL Bangs

During the summer, XL bangs are the easiest to manage, you can transform it into a quiff, or hold it back with headbands or clips, which are really popular nowadays.

So just take it easy. If you want this type of bangs and you’re a bit doubtful about temperature and humidity, just refresh the set when you get back in the evening.


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