22 May 2024

Chris Williams Campaign to Raise Awareness of Bowel Cancer  

A very bright light in the industry went out in October 2021. Legendary colourist, Chris Williams sadly passed away from bowel cancer. 

Chris Williams
Chris Williams

After a short and bravely borne illness, Chris Williams left behind a tremendous legacy as a mentor. He was an inspiration to many colourists throughout the world.

Chris’ wife Sophie has set up a campaign to raise both awareness and valuable funds for bowel cancer.  Chris Williams Campaign – The Legend Behind Colour in support of Bowel Cancer UK launched this month. It is getting support from ambassador Trevor Sorbie MBE and the Fellowship for British Hairdressing.

“I wanted to do something positive in Chris’ memory and so many people have reached out to me offering support and words of kindness that I thought together we can be a strong voice to raise awareness of bowel cancer and at the same time through a ‘Much Loved’ page raise funds too, “ says Sophie.  “The campaign raises awareness to ensure people are familiar with all symptoms. This can help to ensure early detection of any cancer and therefore save lives.”

Bowel Cancer UK

“When I met Sophie, she hadn’t long lost her husband Chris, who was a legend in hair colour to bowel cancer and having had bowel cancer myself, I understood her desire to create a campaign and raise awareness, and I immediately offered my help and support. Not long afterwards Sophie asked me to become an Ambassador for the campaign and together we are working alongside Bowel Cancer UK to raise as much awareness as possible. I was very lucky to find it in its early stages and was able to come through it. Anyone that feels they have symptoms or notices any changes should have a check up.  You may feel embarrassed or nervous but leave your dignity at the door. Let the doctors and hospitals help you – it could save your life,” adds Trevor.

An opportunity every day to raise awareness

“Trevor has been a tremendous help. He has given me so much support and advice throughout these past few months. Along with the Fellowship he has been instrumental in getting the campaign of the ground,” adds Sophie. “We have lots of plans to make the campaign really successful. We’ll be updating them on our social media channels,” says Sophie. “Together we will raise awareness and change the chances of survival for people at risk of bowel cancer.”

Along with Trevor, the Fellowship have also assisted Sophie in setting up the campaign. “We are delighted to be supporting the Chris Williams Campaign. Just as he supported the Fellowship for British Hairdressing with his dedication and passion. Hairdressers are in a unique position to listen to and talk about symptoms of bowel cancer. We all need to understand the symptoms and take away the stigma talking about it. Chris was a shining light in the hairdressing industry. He was passionate about being there for other people and dedicated to sharing his knowledge. It’s important to continue his legacy in helping others, which was what Chris was all about,” says Robert Eaton, President, Fellowship for British Hairdressing.

Turning tragedy into a legacy

Genevieve Edwards, Chief Executive at Bowel Cancer UK, says: “We are incredibly proud of Sophie for turning her husband’s tragic death into a legacy. This will have the potential to save future heartbreak for others. Someone is diagnosed with bowel cancer every 15 minutes in the UK. In the time of an average cut and blow dry, three people will hear what no one wants to hear. Hairstylists and colourists can play a lifesaving role. They can chat about the red flag symptoms of bowel cancer to their clients. They can encourage them to contact their GP if they’re concerned.”

To help Sophie raise awareness and funds visit https://chriswilliamscampaign.muchloved.com/


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