21 July 2024

Photo Finish – Global Creative Expertise

We asked a selection of top international artists from The UK, USA and Asia to showcase their look which they feel would look perfect on a magazine front cover. They definitely delivered their Photo Finish!

Minimal, But Edgy

Photo Finish
Hair: Yuujin Ho, Leading Styling from Evolve Salon and Goldwell National Artist, Singapore Products: Topchic by Newance

This look is part of a Spring Summer collection for Topchic by Newance. For this collection, I wanted to bring coolness into Summer. Overall, I played with a selection of shades to create a harmony between warm and cool. For the hair colour itself, I made use of matte ash and cool brown in a  block colouring technique to create the smoky effect. The cut is minimal, but edgy, with disconnection through the fringe to enhance the model’s chin line. To finish off,  the hair was made sleek with high shine to give her a more editorial and edgy look. A perfect Photo Finish! Yuujin Ho (Singapore)

Trending Mullet

Photo Finish
Hair: Sharon Malcolm, Sharon Malcolm Hairdressing, Newtownards, Northern Ireland Make-up: Siobhan Luckie Styling: Magdelena Jacobs  Photo: Jack Eames

This is one my favourite images as it won Trend Image of the Year so is also very special to me. This sexy, soft but seriously edgy mullet creates sheer presence which is full of texture and movement. The mullet is a beautiful shape and showcased all my cutting techniques to create the look – I used channel cutting, slide cutting and texturising to create a wearable, on-trend style. Sharon Malcolm (UK)

Multi-Dimensional Blonde

Photo Finish
Hair Colour: Paul Watts Cut & Styling: Marcus Giamattei Photo: Jamie Blanshard Make-up: Katie Moore Styling: Ellen Spiller Art Direction: Bruno Marc Giamattei

 This Photo Finish image is simply beautiful. Inspired by salon trends and client requests, we created a beautiful and enriched blonde, that is bright and has a blended variety of tones throughout – perfect for the autumnal season which lies ahead. Creating this look using tree to four different blonde shades, creates a multi-dimensional feel. The look also encompasses texture and volume throughout – both two of the biggest trends requested in salons at present. When creating this look as part of our new collection from JOICO, it was important for us to create looks that showcased salon trends, influenced by current trends and clients alike. Bruno Marc (UK)

Minimalist Vision

Photo Finish
Hair: Allen Furlan Make-up: Ashley Zimmel Photo: John Ng 

A solid colour was chosen to mirror what’s going on with modern painting where a minimalist vision is used; the opposite of today’s rainbow hair.… Modern painting often use  solid colours, but unusual textures to differentiate the feel. Just like in this look.  Solid colours (using a level 2N – Redken Chromatics) creating a solid field but using pointing/sliding cutting techniques to give separation. Of course, wax ( Redken 03 Water Wax) was used with flat iron to give the definition. There is order even in chaos. Allen Furlan  (USA)

Retro Shape

Photo Finish
Hair: @NickPaganoHairDesign, Goldwell National Artist Photo: Alice Watson Make-up:  @Cherylmakeup Products: Goldwell Style Sign

My inspiration for Photo Finish was the Film Noir Cinema of the 1940s and 1950s era.  The bottom half or base of the finish was made with a hair nets and hair extensions roughed up & formed into a flat beret. They were moulded and placed as the foundation of the design. The top hair barrels were created with hair moulds, oblong in shape. Hair wefts were attached and wrapped around the mould and place on top of the base to create the perfect Balance & Shape. Nick Pagano (USA)

Relaxed Aura

Photo Finish
Hair: Jophy Tio, Creative Director from Super Blades and Goldwell National Artist , Singapore. Products: Topchic by Newance

I was inspired by the current cool and smoky colour trend for my look in the 2022 Spring Summer Collection using Newance by Topchic. The creative direction was to create a playful, trendy look so I interpreted that by contrasting colours in the form of highlights. With the use of both natural cool shades and warn undertone colours, I was delighted with the result, which showcased a refreshing and cheerful feel. Most importantly, this classic hairstyle portrayed a relaxed aura, giving playful and trendy twist to this classic look. Jophy Tio (Singapore)

Invisible Trasparency

Hair Concept & Creation: Lok Chan @ Red Hill Salon (Hong Kong) Make Up: Elaine @ 2laine2ling.makeup(Hong Kong) Photography: CY Hon @ C.Y.HON PHOTOGRAPHY (Hong Kong) Photography Assistant: Tak Ma Model: Nova Hair Assistant: Lily Wong , Tasha Yip @ Red Hill Salon (Hong Kong) Hair Products: Glodwell Elumen

The inspiration for this look is water, which plays a fundamental  role in the evolution of life. 70% of the human body is also water, which is always worth remembering!. Water can be present in different changeable forms – ice, liquid, vapour. In order to create a sense of this, Lok used Elumen colour  to visualise a watery feel as well as to demonstrate perfect colour reflections. Lok Chan (Hong Kong)

Mesmerising Finish

Photo Finish
Hair Cut & Colour: Seung Ki Baek, Expert Colourist at RUSH Make-up: Lan Nguyen-Grealis Clothes Stylist: Robert Morrison.

This is such a captivating image not only due to the colour placement, but also due to the precision cutting and the overall finish of the hair. The colour takes inspiration from the oil slick hair colour trend and oil being spilled or in water and sees a dark brunette or black base paired with the placement of blue, green and purple tones in the hair for a truly mesmerising finish. The colours blend in together beautifully and are further enhanced by the blunt bob cut and sleek styling helping the look to exude health and shine. The movement of the hair and background add further impact to this cover worthy image. Seung Ki Baek (UK)

Extreme Dramatics

Photo Finish
Hair: Lisa Vann, Aspen Day-Flynn, Hatsumi Futamura, Hernandez, Vann Studio Seattle WA Make-up: Hannah Vann, Vann Studio Seattle Wa Photo: David Rossa, Denver, CO Designer: Lisa Marie Couture, Seattle, Wa

Inspired by dramatic irony,  this collection is thick with dramatics, as reflected in the colour, lighting, and styling.  The irony lies the simplicity of the classic precision cuts and finishing, colour placement, and styles. Lisa Vann (USA)

Visionary Muses

Hair: Robert Eaton, Creative Director at Russell Eaton Salons and current BHA British Hairdresser of the Year. Photos:  Richard Miles Make up: Lucy Flower Styling: Clare Frith

To me, this image represents the best of modern hairdressing and a vision for the bright future of the craft; a world in which diversity is embraced and fresh concepts of beauty are celebrated. This Photo Finish showcases each muse’s individuality through the cut, colour and styling with bespoke looks chosen to bring to life facets of their personality and personal aesthetic, bathed in prismatic light. Robert Eaton (UK)

Classic Geometric

Hair: Sam Villa Art Director: Teresa Romero Photo: Nico Norsdström/Obsidian and Blush Tools: Sam Villa Products: Redken Make-up: Tanya Ortega and Leticia Tapia Wardrobe: Michi Lafary/Obsidian and Blush Model: Christi Ho

Precision cutting allows us to cut with purpose and intention. Classic geometric shapes combined with modern layering and graduation will make any hair texture sing. Simplicity is everything today! Dry cuttingallows the natural fall and texture of hair to be celebrated.  Always apply a leave-in conditioner and/or cutting lotion to make hair more pliable, reduce static and ensure a precision result. Sam Villa (USA)

Sculpted Texture

Hair: Dan Mewies, Mewies & Co  Photo: Chris Bulezuik Make-up: Karl Dickey Styling: Lisa Elliott

When creating this look my vision was a retro ’80s vibe. A rebellious feel, a sculpted textured look and versatile hair cut that screams: ‘the rock and roll the mullet is back!’ After our emergence from quarantine, this look is an encouragement to be brave and stray from the crowd. So, let’s be bold and confirm that the mullet is definitely here to stay! Dan Mewies (UK)

Ultimate Contrasts

Hair: Robin LaChance Photo: Paula Tizzard Make-up: Florencia Taylor Wardrobe: Adrian Arnieri

In this nod to the mullet, everything has been updated. The colour, the strong contrasts in the lengths, including the shaved sides. Precision is always key: in the proportions of the lengths, the pure and subtle colour placement, the point cutting of the ends and fringe, and micro-layers. Robin LaChance (USA)



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