30 May 2023

Choosing the right part for your face shape

Choosing the right part for your hair can often make a big difference: finding a part that enhances your features is easy, but take into consideration these important tips.

Renewing your hair look is a step that must be taken into careful consideration. Cutting your hair or coloring it with a new tone are big decisions. What is decidedly easier, but still impactful, is switching up your look by changing the part in your hair. Choosing the right part for your face shape, whether on the side or in the middle, can make a big difference in the perception of your face. Working with the part is something of a strategic action that can give great results with very little effort. But how can we optimize?

What you need to know before changing the part of your hair

In any case, periodically changing the position of the part can help to improve the equilibrium of all your hair. For example, a lazy scalp, where blood circulation is not sufficiently stimulated, can also cause problems of hair loss, baldness and flat volume.

The first rule for an effective change in your part is to find any potential double crowns (or whorls). These points are where the spiral of hair originates. It is usually at the top of the head toward the back. But many people also have crowns just beyond the hairline. With short hair they are easy to find. With longer hair you need to notice how your hair falls when it dries naturally.

The second rule is to observe the face shape and decide on a part that enhances its features. 

Choosing the right part for a square face

If the face is square, or the length and width are about the same and the jawline is well-defined, a part in the middle can soften the angles. A side part can also be adapted to a square face, provided it is not too deep and is accompanied by a layered, light-weight cut that frames the face.

Parting your hair for a round face

Likewise, also with a round face a middle part can lengthen the shape because it partially hides the sides. A side part works if it is deep, or more towards the middle of the head, so as to create two sides to frame the face. It can also help to build up some volume at the roots.

Choosing the right part for an oval face

If you have an oval face everything is easier. Indeed, with this face shape everything is possible, not only in terms of cut but also for the positioning of the part. This encourages playing more often in changing up your look.

Parting your hair with a long face

With a middle part the long face shape expresses its ultimate symmetry and gives the illusion of being rounder. The effect is similar to that of bangs, which help to shorten the proportions.

Choosing the right part for a heart-shaped face

With a large forehead and narrow or weak chin, and maybe even a squarish jawline, the deep side part gives the illusion of breaking up the chin line and softening the cheekbones. If your hair parts naturally in the middle, our advice is to create a side part by separating the hair while its still wet and applying a gel to keep the part in place.

Parting hair with an asymmetric face

On a face that has visibly asymmetric features, the side part helps to balance it out by hiding part of the face. A middle part accentuates verticality and centrality, calling attention to the differences.

Elle Bangs’ recommendations

To conclude this round-up of parts, we would like to share a video by the hairstylist Elle Bang explaining what tricks can help choose the best-suited part and how to achieve it.


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