22 May 2024

Nicole Kidman and the Jellyfish Cut

Nicole Kidman wowed on the cover of Perfect magazine this week with a brand new hairstyle.

The eye-catching style, a favourite with Gen Z and Tik Tokers, Nicole Kidman’s is two styles in one – and according to London Hairdresser of the Year, Daniele De Angelis, is the perfect style for someone who wants to have fun.

“This is a real playful shape that can be worn in different ways depending on your mood and occasion,” he says. “It’s perfect for someone who isn’t afraid to try something different, and wants to get some attention!”

Tiktokers and Gen Z strive for equality and show a keen interest in politics. They are more sensitive to the world around them and embrace change. Gen Z are advocates for their rights and support the booming gender fluidity movement and as a result support and engage with anything that falls in line with their beliefs and morals. L’Oréal Professionel Partner Domenico Casella at Neville, London, believes the Jellyfish cut doesn’t fit into any beauty standard. “I think that’s what makes it popular amongst the Tik Tok crowd, it’s pure self-expressionism, which is a core value to them.

Bob + mullet!

“It combines a bob and a mullet with longer strands peeking from underneath. It’s the Jellyfish Cut for its stark resemblance to the free-swimming marine animal. The bob part of the hair cut looks like the umbrella-shaped bell whereas the longer strands emulate the trailing tentacles. Although only gaining popularity now among the younger generation, the Jellyfish style first made its appearance on our screen in the 70’s show, The Brady Bunch.”

Matrix Artist Ambassador Michelle Summers Davies explains the top part sits on the outer layer of the hair, mimicking the appearance of a bowl cut, typically finishing at the middle of the ear in a bell shape reminiscent of the undersea creature. “The bottom part of the cut is a long, inner layer that gives the appearance of tentacles, the Jellyfish haircut is all about layers, layers and more layers. The name Jellyfish was a technique where you would remove a sliver of hair from an underneath section. It was also known as a collapsed layer, for reducing weight and thickness in areas around the haircut. “

Disconnection is the key

Daniele adds that it’s the disconnection that is key to its unique look. “Subdivide the front and back. Then, depending on how much disconnection you want, go further back with your radial section. Suitability is really important; if you have a more rounded face keep the disconnection at jaw level. If you have a good jawline, you can go shorter round the cheek bone area.”

Its beauty is it merges precision and creativity to make it a shape so unique, says Michelle. “The maintenance of the Jellyfish cut is low and can be a wash-and-go style much of the time. What’s good about the Jellyfish is that it is customisable. You can employ texture builder sprays and lightweight texture powders like Matrix Total Results Height Riser. Otherwise if you prefer you can leave it sleek and straight. 

But according to Domenico, it’s the styling versatilities that makes it so attractive. “Many wearers of the Jellyfish embellish the style with tinsel, braids, pigtails or even colour. Product is key and for me, L’Oreal Professionnel TECNI.ART  Pli is a favourite as it gives shape and memory to the hair. For curly hair L’Oreal Professionnel TECNI.ART Full Volume Extra Mousse creates big hair with extra volume and a strong hold without weighing the hair down.”


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