21 July 2024

The wet look: trending this summer

It was popular in the 1990s when the most glamorous photo shoots featured super models sporting this look. Ever since, summer has always featured the wet-look.

Smooth, wavy, or curly. Whatever your style, there is a wet look for you! Thanks to specific products – like oils, waxes or gels – used with the right brush and iron. Because taking a swim doesn’t guarantee the wet effect. There are a few rules to follow to get the best wet look possible.

How to get the look

The wet look can be very voluminous or subtle and minimalist chic. What makes the difference – and the final result – is the technique used to obtain the wet look. The famous slicked back look – probably the most iconic look for this finish – begins under the shower. Leave in the conditioner for a few extra minutes to get super detangled hair that can be combed easily.

After blotting the hair from the tips to the roots, apply a gel, an oil, or a wax. Then gently comb all the hair back, before the creative moment when you decide on a center or side part.

The look should be fixed with a hairdryer with a diffuser to prevent the locks from getting stuck together. For more elaborate wet-look hair, you can also use an iron for wet hair and get a perfect set. The finish will come with a shiny spray.

The trendiest wet look

For Summer 2022, the timeless wet look is still in vogue: the slicked back style. Elegant yet alternative to more traditional dry styling, we are certain this will last forever.

The siren look is the wavy option to what we have just seen. Start with a beach waves cut to which you add a wet finish, as if you just stepped out of the surf.

The biggest innovation of recent years is instead the wet bob. No surprises here as the bob in all its lengths and colors – is dominating the fashion scene. This version with maxi-bangs and point-cut ends is one of the coolest (and updated) options for Summer 2022.

Wet-look curls

More difficult to manage, curly hair finds a more interesting style in the wet-look. Also because it is an option that keeps a scruffy look at bay.

As they can be difficult to convince, curly hair requires special products for a perfect (curly) wet look. For more shine, we recommend the use of oil for hair, like those with an argan, coconut, or almond base.


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