23 May 2024

Hair Loss – Talking to Your Clients

Jim Shaw, Owner of TONI&GUY Billericay and Multi Award Winning Men’s Hairdresser, talks about hair loss. It’s  still a taboo subject and one which many salon clients find hard to discuss.

Hair Loss

Hair loss is still a taboo subject and all clients can find this hard to discuss with their hairdresser and that’s where communicating with clients about these sensitive topics carefully is key.

Men in particular can be afraid to speak up about hair loss“, says Jim Shaw. “They can leave it too late where their hair will start receding and balding and as hairdressers, we want to allow our clients to feel open and comfortable to talk about hair loss/thinning issues“.

Ensure you speak to your clients about hair loss issues in an appropriate way. Always be understanding and sympathetic with your client, really listen to their issues to get a better understanding and to be able to communicate with them how you can help. Are there products you can recommend for them to use in the salon? Would they be interested in a hair replacement service if this is something you are able to do in the salon? Do they need recommended to a trichologist to further investigate their hair loss and to be able to provide them with the most appropriate treatment?

Be salon prepared

Be sure to always have ranges in the salon that cater for these clients,” continues Jim.  “Take steps to reassure those who may feel like their hair is thinning and that are looking for more volume, as well as products that are helpful towards stimulating the scalp and encouraging hair growth“.

“Lastly, try to educate yourself as much as possible on hair loss. Watch and listen to hair loss specialists and trichologists online, look at doing training courses on hair replacement and hair extensions, and research haircuts and hairstyles that can help clients with thinning hair and balding spots. Sometimes simply changing a client’s haircut or hairstyle can disguise small areas of hair loss and make them feel so much better and more confident.

Help clients to be their best

We want our clients to leave the salon feeling the best version of themselves but also feeling as though they have found a hairdresser they can trust and rely on and that they will want to visit time and time again“.

Hair loss is becoming a more common issue,” concludes Jim. “It’s important that we’re as knowledgeable as possible on the subject to be able to give the best service possible to our clients and to develop loyalty.


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