2 June 2023

Mullet Madness: it’s back, but its modern!

The mullet has definitely left its mark on the collective imagination, and now there is an updated version.

The mullet has definitely left its mark on the collective imagination, having been sported over the decades by such iconic figures as Tom Jones, David Bowie, and Rod Stewart. And we often see this look making a comeback, for men and women alike. Stylists are often inspired to tweak the proportions or experiment with color placement for stunning updates.

Jeffery, aka Drizzy, an artist based out of Saint Louis, MO, has recently checked-in with some tips on how to get the perfect mullet for today’s man, using STMNT Grooming Goods.

The new Mullets are more subtle compared to the old ones,” observes Drizzy. “The older mullets were much longer compared to the modern-day mullets and had very few style variations. The phrase ‘business in the front but party in the back’ was a reference to the haircut being shorter in the front and longer in the back!


I’ve been seeing so many different styles with the Modern Day Mullet, because it can be created to your personal liking! Free range to add as much texture, shape, and length as you like.


Here are 5 tips from Drizzy on how to achieve the modern mullet with STMNT Grooming Goods:

  • The best mullet has lots of texture. So it’s important to add a lot of texture when creating the look. I use STMNT’s Grooming Spray to add some grittiness to the hair. 
  • Next, I go in with STMNT’s Dry Clay to help give it that natural feel. Then, I use a diffuser to help it lightly dry and mess it up a little with my fingers. 
  • Once the hair is dry, I go back to using the STMNT’s Wax Powder to volumize the hair. It also helps bring out the gritty texture. 
  • Lastly, I add finishing touches with STMNT’s Hairspray to hold everything together. 

Mullets look better on second or third-day hair. So skip the daily hair washing and use a dry shampoo or STMNT’s Spray Powder between washes to soak up excess oil. 

Using products like the STMNT Spray Powder and hairspray has helped me achieve the modern-day mullet. I can bring out the texture and hold the shape in place!” recommends Drizzy. “I also love using the Grooming Spray and Matte Paste as a pre-styler right before diffusing the hair to achieve those final looks!


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