10 December 2023

The half-wave is perfect for Summer 2022

Not too curly and not too straight, the half-wave is just right! As they say, three examples make it a trend. Ideal for a chic summer look, but not very difficult at all.

Not one or two, but more than three celebrities have been seen sporting the half-wave look, or long hair with loose waves. This look makes for just a hint of movement. So let’s welcome this new hair trend. The half-wave seems perfect for the summer: elegant, easy to do, a passepartout for so many occasions. Even Hailey Bieber sported this look on the red carpet.

What is the Half-wave style?

The half-wave style requires straight hair at the roots. Then a long wave starts at the level of the eyes or ears, with the ends left free. It is an easy chic style yet very natural looking. Imagine just shaking your hair out after getting out of bed in the morning. This look can really finish off a casual outfit, like jeans and a T-shirt. But it can also be adapted to more important occasions if combined with the right dress and interesting accessories.

How you can get the perfect wave for the Half-wave style

Like nude look make-up, the half-wave should be very natural. This means a bit of practice before perfecting this technique. A mid-sized curling iron is perfect for wrapping large sections of hair to create an S-shaped curve. The strands should be taken at ear level. Most importantly, don’t make the frequent mistake of wrapping the hair too tightly around the iron. The hair must be left very soft, stretched and the pulled away from the tool very gently. To create just the right S-curve, experts recommend holding the iron vertically against the head. The perfect finish? A smoothing spray will help soften the locks, giving them the right texture to keep them looking more natural.


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