21 July 2024

Short hair for Summer ‘22: the top trends

Short hair for Summer ‘22? Well the hottest looks range from the Bixie to the Mullet, from the undercut to the classic pixie. Here are the coolest looks for Summer ‘22.

Short hair for Summer ‘22 need be convenient when temperatures rise. And these cuts are definitely more strategic and with a touch of something “alternative”. This distinguishes them from ever-popular long lengths. Short hair for summer has always been… something unexpected. This is why they seem more audacious and unique. Let’s take a look at the short hair trends for this summer.

Top short cuts for Summer 2022: the Bixie and the undercut.

A neologism deriving from the fusion of the words “bob” and “pixie”, the Bixie cut is a fantastic hybrid. This look was a great success at the latest Cannes Film Festival. Rebecca Hall rocked the red carpet with one of the top short hair trends of this summer.

What is this enigmatic Bixie like? Shorter in the front, longer on the neck, it features various layering that makes it very dynamic. Having said this, the cut takes something from both classic haircuts, as it is a sort of Pixie with the typical curves of the bob.

More radical chic is the undercut, which remains an “alternative” classic that during the summer is the “cooler” and slightly non-conformist look, often with an androgynous touch.

If you prefer to be super trendy this summer, feel free to shave the sides, but leave the strands of your pixie cut to soften the razor’s work. This leaves a very effective stealth effect. Or, discover the dramatic undercut, leaving a large quiff on top that can be combed back, for an “outer space” effect – one of Tilda Swinton’s faves.

Top short styles for Summer ‘22: the short mullet and the classic Pixie cut

A minimal variant of the more striking (and controversial) mullet in all its extensions, the short version of this popular cut, with which most have a love/hate relationship, always preserves its post-punk subversive nature, and numbers amon the top short styles for this summer.

And obviously the glorious Pixie Cut remains a classic of the classics of every season and a must-have for Summer ‘22. This time we are observing royal inspiration, seeing that hers is the Pixie most frequently imitated this summer. Like the version of Princess Charlene of Monaco?

Short, very short. Her Pixie Cut is almost a “gamine” cut in France, a tomboyish look. Of course, being on a royal head makes it that much prettier. The cut is very short, but also created in such a way as to leave space to a stylish fringe/quiff to add balance and class. And it’s very feminine.  


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