25 April 2024

Chin bangs: the casual version everyone wants

These are bangs that tend to be longish, reaching between the cheekbone and the chin, hence the moniker.

Informal, but precise. Among the looks for summer, curtain bangs or chin bangs, is one of the most popular. Perfect for framing the face with soft and layered strands, they are also versatile, depending on the shape of the face: soft and lightweight for a stronger jawline, bolder and clean-cut to enhance a weaker chin. The general rule is to give chin bangs more weight than other layers of the style, so that they have more body.

In addition to aesthetic issues, longer bangs also win for their praticality. For example, they are less susceptible to humidity because thanks to their variable length, they can maintain just the right weight to limit the frizzies.

The best styling for this type of bangs is wash and go, for a natural look. A light finish that won’t weigh down hair or, if we really insist on setting a direction for the strands, just a quick once over with a round brush and blow-dryer. Those with fine hair can add two or three shots of thinner hair can add two or three shots of volumizing spray applied to the roots, taking care to fix it with the blow-dryer and let the strands cool on the brush.

When used to enhance a look, long chin bangs accentuate the eyes and complete the final result. Lets look at some examples.

Perfect for longer lengths

On maxi-hair long chin bangs add to the look because it lends a sense of continuity.

Chin bangs on mid-length hair

On a mid-length cut, chin bangs help to enhance the dynamism, above all if we opt for a shag cut.

Offset a ponytail

One way to highlight bangs is to combine them with a ponytail. In this pic, the look features over-the-top volume, the chin bangs help to balance the overall proportions.

Chin bangs + a hime cut

Longer version can be inserted easily in a hime cut, with softer results compared to the geometry that inspires the cut.


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