24 June 2024

MŌSŌ Collection by Itziar Infante

The title of the Mōsō collection means illusion. This inspiration reflects the new look of the post-covid generation. It does not understand age or conceit, but shows a huge desire to live. It inspires a daring, courageous attitude from day to day.

MŌSŌ Collection

Perhaps “mōsō” is that illusion. The MŌSŌ Collection by Itziar Infante reflects the desire for a freer and more irreverent world. A place where one can embrace the essence of humanity without norms or politics. It is a collection that revalues the insurgent, the peaceful and the human with common sense.

This creative work is also the representation, in the world of hairdressing. One where reality starts from an “illusion” and that has taken shape from the hand of Víctor Alonso at Espacio Kibo, for five years. He shows his way of seeing and interpreting hairdressing. Stylish and elegant, personalised fashion.

Each colour has its own personalisation using Instamatic and Color Touch Create ranges from Wella Professionals. To achieve them, colours were mixed and matte brown tones are added to incorporate a more vintage touch.

Hairdresser: Itziar Infante for Espacio Kibō by Víctor Alonso Photography: Juanjo Martin MUA: Victoria Climent Styling: Espacio Kibō by Víctor Alonso Models: Vanesa Magen Products: Wella Professionals


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