19 May 2024

The best looks for keeping cool during Summer 2022

Summer temperatures are rising relentlessly, but hairdressers are ready to lend a hand with looks that help us to breathe. Here are 5 trendy looks for keeping cool!

it is not always the case, as people say, that true elegance can be seen when it’s hot. If temperatures rise and humidity keeps us sticky, keeping cool – in all senses of the world – becomes objectively difficult. Fortunately hairdressers are giving us a hand with easy looks that withstand climatic changes. Estetica proposes the 5 hairstyles for keeping cool and trendy for Summer 2022.

Power pixie: an excellent strategy for keeping cool

Let’s start with a look for the truly brave: the pixie cut. In its power version it becomes even shorter and more audacious. But it always maintains feminine lines that, if worn with the right attitude, can be very seductive. In this interpretation by hairstylist Colin McAndrew the interesting bit is the fringe/non-fringe. And obviously, the unprecedented color lends this cut a highly personalized twist.

Sleek bob: a good idea for keeping cool

The bob could never be missing as it is a super-versatile cut that is perfect for a wet look slicked back as temperatures rise. Stylist Hester Wernert Rijn interpreted it with a full-bodied texture and a pleasantly feminine detail: the ends turned up, to lend a contemporary flair.

The Shag: the lightest cut for the summer

The secret of the shag for the summer lies in its lightweight created by the layered cut. It works with curly hair as well, as the layers make it possible to thin the mass of hair while maintaining the shape and exalting the texture. Applying a finishing product to texturize, like serums or oils, also adds a bit of protection and hydration to the hair, which during the summer always helps.

Cornrow braid: ethnic-chic style

While sorting through updos, braids always hold a place of honor in the hit parade of solutions for keeping cool. In particular, cornrow braids, very close to the head, are always practical – fixed and long-lasting – yet stylish at the same time. The version proposed by the braids and pony tails guru Viola Pyak adds an extra detail: the braids are interwoven with rings and thin metal wires for an ethnic-chic effect.

Space buns: comfy for keeping cool

Cheeky, practical, and easy to do. “Space buns”, or little twin chignons on the side of the head, to be combined with a total updo or even with some locks left loose. Perfect for smooth or curly hair, this is the look with a Nineties vibe that leaves the forehead and neck uncovered for keeping cool.


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