19 June 2024

The 5 bobs that never go out of fashion

Classic does not mean old fashion, but rather a style that has brilliantly passed the test of time. Like the five bobs that we show here, which will always be on trend.

Let’s not confuse the sacred and the profane. In other words, what lasts overs time with passing fashions, that are never reproposed and forgotten forever. Hair cuts are linked to trends of the moment, but some haircuts remain, sometimes revisited and tweaked according to the tastes of the time, but in some way remain faithful to the original form. With this in mind, we have selected the five bobs that never go out of fashion, the bobs that have left their mark on an era and will return over the years, making a big comeback. Five timeless styles that have become evergreens.

1. The always trendy short bob with a fringe  

This is the ultimate bob, the classic of classics inspired by Roaring 20’s of the past century, updated every time according to the trends of the moment.

The short bob with a fringe will always be cool, because its shape is the essence of something that is always eye-catching, a geometry that alternates openings and closures, that of the clean-cut fringe. Blonde or brown, but always smooth, with a more or less convex fringe… the Valentina bob is the most classic of the five bobs destined to always be in vogue.

2. The wavy lob, another bob that never goes out of fashion

Here is a contemporary classic launched a few years ago as a shorter variant of the beach waves, and was destined to have a long life over the coming decades. We are obviously speaking of the wavy lob.

A favorite among powerful influencers, like Alexa Chung, who contributed to making it iconic, the wavy lob is the triumph of the messy cut made art.

3. The asymmetric bob

An icon of the Nineties, the asymmetric bob is one of the five bobs that will always be in fashion, a cut that has marked the Nineties but that tends to return cyclically.

Its most tradition finish is smooth, with a slightly off-centred part, but the variants are now countless. There is just one rule to follow: the tips of the bob need not all be the same length, for that asymmetric effect that makes it so special.

4. The collarbone bob is the bob that everyone likes

Often the success of a cut is all in the precision of its length. This is the case of the collarbone bob, literally the bob that “caresses the collarbone”.

Not too long, nor too short, its charm likes in the Latin adage in medio stat virtus, virtue lies in moderation. An actually, without reaching the shoulders, but wll beyond the years, the collarbone bob has become the most classic of all the mid-length cuts.

5. The Curly Bob: always a fave

The biggest hit of the 1980s, the curly bob may step out of the limelight for a few years, but sooner or later it rises to the top of the trends again.

Actually, its super voluminous shape is not for everyone. Indeed, this particular characteristic has never made a haircut popular with the masses. But if you are looking for a stand-out bob, this is certainly the cut that has passed the test of time, becoming a “big hair classic. In the end, the fabulous Eighties… are always trendy.     


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