25 April 2024

Building Profiles to Deliver Client Services

The way to ensure you delight each client during every visit is to get to know them all as individuals. Building profiles of every client is the way you will learn what their needs and desires are and deliver services that match these.

Building Profiles

Here, Harry Ponting (above), advanced director at Blushes Cheltenham, takes us through three client types to start building profiles and the do’s and don’ts to consider while they are in the styling chair. While there are no one-size-fits-all shortcuts when it comes to offering a bespoke client service, building profiles will help create a mindset that considers a client’s lifestyle and everyday demands and requirements.


Building Profiles

This client visits the gym at least five days a week and when they’re not in the gym, they are pounding the pavements to increase their fitness.

DON’T give this client a style that requires loads of product. Those visits to the gym generate sweat and the last thing this client wants is product running down their forehead into their eyes when they are building up speed on the treadmill.

DO take into account that this client will need to wash, dry and style their hair in a relatively short time after a workout or a run, so a shorter style that can be washed and dried quickly and styled with minimum effort is probably for the best. If the client wants longer hair, consider a one-length style that can easily be tied in a ponytail while working out.

DO recommend an effective hydrating shampoo to this client. It’s important to wash hair after a workout to clear the sweat and salt deposits from the scalp to avoid clogging the hair follicle. Sweat can also cause frizz, so additionally recommend a nourishing, hydrating hair mask that they can apply once a week while they relax after a workout.


Building Profiles

This client is up at the crack of dawn and regularly not home until late evening. They often need to go straight from the office to a work-related function or to wine and dine important clients.

DO gauge how much time they have with you. Ask if they have a busy day and ascertain if this appointment is the right one to suggest a treatment that will take up half an hour of their precious time, or whether it’s better to recommend it for a future visit when they are not so pressured.

DON’T give them a haircut that will take an hour to style in the morning. This client needs to be time-efficient from the minute they wake up. Think of styles – possibly shorter looks – that take minimum styling for maximum effect. Also consider styles that are easily adapted with just a little product, to take the client from a boardroom meeting straight to a glitzy event.

DO read this client’s body language. The hour they spend in your salon could be the one part of the day when they can switch off and relax. So, while you obviously need to carry out a consultation, you may also need to respect their wish for some me-time and let them lead when it comes to the small-talk. Maybe add some scented candles to the backwash area to give them a relaxing sensory experience and check if they would like a longer head massage to release some of that tension.



This client always has a suitcase or backpack packed. They are constantly on the move, flying to far-flung locations, often relying on minimal haircare supplies to maintain their style on the go.

DO recommend shampoo and conditioners that will keep hair healthy and hydrated in all climates, whether excessively hot or cold.

DON’T create a look for this client that requires too much heat styling. Their hair is likely to come under attack from the sun or even extreme cold during their regular jaunts abroad, so it’s best to avoid any additional stress on the hair. Work with the hair’s natural texture rather than against it, so the need for heated styling tools is minimal.

DO think about a style that can look very different from day to evening. This client may be trekking through forestland or soaking in the sun on a beach during the day, but wanting to wow in the evening. Texture and layers are fine for a look that can survive under a hat all day and come to life at night. Just bear in mind, this client may travel light and not have access to a wide range of styling products. Think looks that are easy to create with a quick blow-dry and a spritz of salt spray or a squirt of volumizing product.

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