13 April 2024

25 Unique Things about ALTERNA

This year, ALTERNA is celebrating its 25 year anniversary and with that in mind, we take a look at 25 unique things about ALTERNA.

There are 25 unique things which set ALTERNA apart from other professional brands within the industry today.

1. ALTERNA came about in 1997 by visionary millionaire Don Christal, and originated in California, USA. Don’s brother is also in the haircare industry as he is the founder of Olaplex.

25 Unique Things

2. ALTERNA noticed that professionals lacked high-end shampoos and conditioners that included only clean ingredients, that were sulphate and paraben free and also in 1997 ALTERNA unveiled a premium sulphate free shampoo.

3. In 1999, ALTERNA revealed its very first breakthrough line of products, with anti-aging properties that were formulated with Caviar. This revolutionary line was also the first in many developments for the brand.

4. The first headquarters for ALTERNA was located on Wilshire Boulevard in Beverly Hills, one of the most prestigious addresses in Los Angeles. 

5. ALTERNA’s brand name takes inspiration from the word ‘ALTERNA-TIVE’ the products have an ALTERNA-TIVE design, ALTERNA-TIVE positioning ALTERNA-TIVE formulation.

6. The ALTERNA logo is an orb. The iconic orb that accompanies the brand name portrays an enzyme molecule, on which the letter A represents hair strands.

Innovative, luxurious hair care

7. ALTERNA began its journey by creating innovative, luxurious hair care and styling products inspired by skincare science as well as formulated with pure and effective ingredients. 

8. From the beginning, ALTERNA has developed products that were formulated without parabens, SLS/SLES sulphates and other harsh chemicals. The family of products deliver performance without compromise—clean beauty that provides an exceptionally luxurious experience at home as well as proven results in the salon.

9. All ALTERNA formulas are laboratory developed and performance tested by salon professionals to ensure reliable, remarkable results.

10. ALTERNA products are based on three commitments. Pure: free from harmful additives, Proven: precisely developed & proven to perform and also Professional: salon-tested reliability.

25 Unique Things

11. Over the past few years, ALTERNA has won an abundance of awards. In April 2022 alone, ALTERNA won 15 hair care categories with its Caviar Anti-Aging and My Hair. My Canvas. product ranges in four highly regarded consumer awards – the Marie Claire Awards, Hair Awards, Hip and Healthy Awards and also The Beauty Shortlist Awards.

Anti-Aging and Age-Control

12. The ALTERNA Caviar Anti-Aging range takes its name due to the key technology, Age Control Complex. These ingredients help reverse the effects of environmental and natural chronological aging.

13. Caviar is a potent ingredient powering the Caviar Anti-Aging range and is one of nature’s richest sources of Omega-3 Fatty Acids. Caviar includes proteins, minerals and Vitamins A, C and D, which help restore moisture, elasticity and shine in the hair as well as to protect the hair from future damage.

14. The ALTERNA Caviar Anti-Aging range includes the technology Enzymetherapy, a patented blend of enzymes and minerals that optimise the penetration of ingredients, improve absorption of vital nutrients and also support keratin production for stronger hair. 

Intensive moisture and nourishment

15. Seasilk, another important ingredient in the Anti-Aging range provides intensive moisture and nourishment to the hair, whilst also reducing the degree of damage from chemical services, environmental stressors and styling practices.

16. The Caviar Anti-Aging Replenishing Moisture CC Cream is one of the hero products within the Caviar range. This multipurpose correction serum is a breakthrough product. It delivers 10 benefits in one easy step.

17. In 2020, ALTERNA launched the My Hair. My Canvas. range, which is 100% vegan and is also its most sustainable range, made with 50% post-consumer recycled plastic.

18. ALTERNA’s My Hair. My Canvas. range is PETA Approved.

19. The My Hair. My Canvas. range is formulated with Botanical Caviar, an ancient Asian super-food that is sustainably harvested with Eco-Sound technology, an eco-extraction that is economical, has a low impact on the environment and a low CO2 emission.

20. The Botanical Caviar used within the My Hair. My Canvas. range is not only sustainably harvested but it is also incredibly hydrating on the hair, instantly improving its overall appearance, adding smoothness to the cuticle, as well as bounce and shine. 

21. The My Hair. My Canvas. range provides a sensory experience for clients, as it features many therapeutic blends. e.g. the Bergamot and Jasmine aroma is energising and uplifting.

22. White Charcoal within the ALTERNA My Hair. My Canvas. range is premium grade, small pore, ubame oak charcoal powder, known for providing superior absorption of excess oils, toxins as well as irritants to instantly purify and balance.

Brand ambassadors

23. ALTERNA has two incredible brand ambassadors, Joana Neves and Sabrina Dijkman, both of whom collaborate on ALTERNA’s collections and work at brand events, as well as educating hairdressers on the brand and why the products are so special. Joana Neves regularly models hair behind the scenes at Fashion Week Shows around the globe and Sabrina Dijkman is well known for her signature romantic wedding hairstyles and also her braided hair looks. 

24. Towards the end of 2021, ALTERNA launched one of its most innovative products, the Caviar Anti- Aging Moisture Intensive Ceramide Shots. The capsules, for use on damp or dry hair, work as a multi-benefit leave-in treatment. They are for quick use, or on the go – to give hair instant moisture and hydration, reduce frizz and breakage as well as to increase strength and shine.

25. ALTERNA is part of the Henkel portfolio. The company holds leading positions with its three business units in both industrial and consumer businesses thanks to strong brands, innovations and technologies. 



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