23 May 2024

Discover Matrix Pre-Bonded Formulas

Discover the first portfolio featuring 100% pre-bonded color for professionals by Matrix: “It’s better because it’s pre-bonded!

At Matrix, they believe everyone should be able to color their hair without compromising its integrity. As an innovator in the color space, Matrix’s professional color portfolio is formulated with bonder inside its formulas to protect the hair structure across all hair types and concerns, staying true to the brand’s commitment to inclusivity. The portfolio includes SoColor Pre-Bonded, SoColor Sync Pre-Bonded, and Light Master Pre-Bonded.

Matrix’s exclusive pre-bonded technology concentrate is composed of a unique blend of taurine and cationic polymers that protects the inner hair structure by reinforcing and repairing the weakened bonds within the sensitized cortex to maintain the integrity of the hair, color after color.

Key benefits:

  • 92% Less Breakage with the Matrix Pre-Bonded Lightening Portfolio*
  • Time Saver: Colorists do not need to add a separate bonder, saving time and money
  • Turn A Profit: Salons can charge up to 20% more for a pre-bonded color service due to the benefits it provides to the hair

Bonder inside every formula means better protection for all hair types including:

  • Gray Hair: Grays are fragile. Without melanin, gray hair is weaker and more brittle. Bonders add protection for these clients that color the most frequently.
  • Curly and Coily Hair: Curl inflection points are weaker and prone to damage. Bonders support the hair structure and help maintain the curl pattern.
  • Fine Hair: Fine hair is thinner, with a smaller cortex. Bonders protect the hair structure of the most delicate hair.
  • Lightened Hair: Lightened hair is more fragile, especially after high levels of lift. Bonders protect and prevent breakage.

Please click here to view a Matrix educational video to learn more about it!

*Using the Matrix Pre-Bonded Lightening Portfolio vs Matrix’s leading lightener without bonder. Matrix Lightening Portfolio: Light Master Pre-Bonded, SoColor Sync Acidic, Unbreak My Blonde Shampoo, Conditioner, Leave-In.


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