25 April 2024

The Demi – Pretty in Pearl

Paul Mitchell introduces the Pearl Series as an addition to The Demi, a beautiful range of demi-permanent hair colour created to create the perfect fusion of shine, condition and also coverage.

The Demi

The Pearl Series are three shades of creamy, picky pearl tones that are delicate, timeless and refine blondes, while eliminating unwanted warmth. They create a hint of creamy, pinky-pearl tones for a subtle result your salon guests will love.

Discover the Pear Series in The Demi range by Paul Mitchell

  • Offer versatile toning on pre-lightened hair and are ideal for refreshing as well as refining. 
  • The Demi Pearls are formulated with pure tone and also contain no background color. 
  • Shades include the softest red/violet (7P), delicate pinky-rose pearl (9P) and barely-there creamy pearl (10).

The New Pearl Shades

The Demi

RICH COCOA (above) uses the softest red/violet (7P). It is versatile enough to soften unwanted warmth at the same or similar level, resulting in a soft chocolatey tone. It is also great on lighter blonde levels to deposit a pinky-rose fashion tone. 

The Demi

POLISHED ROSE (above) uses delicate pinky-rose pearl (9P). It refines unwanted yellow tones, resulting in a balanced blonde. On lighter levels, a soft pearl tone is revealed. 

The Demi

PERFECT IN PEARL (above) uses barely-there creamy pearl (10). It is the ultimate refiner on the lightest levels, depositing a whisper of a creamy as well as pink tonality. 

The Power of The Demi

  • No-ammonia, no-MEA, no-lift formula won’t lighten the hair’s natural pigment. 
  • Soy Protein smoothes the cuticle to make hair feel softer and also better hydrated. 
  • Plant-based lipids and oleic acid condition, nourish as well as soften the hair. 
  • Fast 5 – 20 minute processing time for creative control over minimal to maximum deposit. 

Photos: Photographer: Darren Tieste BTS Photographer: Estelle Bohl and Christian Veillet Creative Director: Cynthia Knox Senior Art Director: Russell Koza Director BTS: Travis Kaupp Global Editorial Director: Noogie Thai Wardrobe Stylist: Raphael Linares/Agency: Art Department Make up Artist: Casey Gore/Agency: Celestine



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