24 March 2023

Colourstart Publishes Research Findings  

Colourstart, the first clinically proven test for allergy to hair colour (PPD) is breaking boundaries once again with a study published in the official journal of the European Society of Contact Dermatitis (ESCD).


A 12-month study of users reported that 0.7% (130) recorded a positive response to the Colourstart test. Meanwhile, 1.6% (425) of individuals who completed Passport screening questions received an alert. Both groups had the option of alternative colour service options and directed to seek the advice of a healthcare professional.


“We’re proud to make this scientific contribution to the understanding of hair colour allergy,” says Nick Plunkett, Colourstart’s CEO. “Developing the world’s first licensed hair colour allergy test here in the UK is yet another example of how our profession is at the forefront of global haircare innovation. This study publication truly cements Colourstart’s position as the professional standard for salons. It can enhance the safety, professionalism, and reputation of colour services. By making testing more convenient, businesses using Colourstart can meet manufacturers’ indications to undertake an allergy alert prior to hair colour treatments and demonstrate their duty of care.”

The paper concluded that allergy to hair colour remains a relevant consumer and occupational health problem. Whilst the industry promotes skin testing, there is a need for standardised, high quality and convenient system of testing.

For further information on Colourstart email hello@colourstart.com, visit colourstart.com or call 0330 3905888.


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