26 February 2024

Transformation: the ECRU New York Platinum Network

‘Transformation in an age of uncertainty’ is a topic more relevant now than ever and will be presented and discussed at the forthcoming session of the ECRU New York Platinum Network

This spring ECRU New York launched their Platinum Network of top decision-makers in professional beauty. This platform is the embodiment of CEO and Founder of ECRU New York Carmen DePasquale’s commitment to building a community of like-minded business owners that can network with others. DePasquale strongly believes that an open forum where salon professionals can share their challenges and gain inspiration can only be a positive force in the industry.

Indeed, the ECRU New York Platinum Network is an exclusive members-only group that enjoys a wide range of benefits. In addition to live and streamed global networking events, there are also best-in-class education support, backbar and stylist station support, in-salon promotional events, and digital/marketing assets. Best of all, this all implies access to a community of the beauty business’s key decision makers.

Transformation in an age of uncertainty

The past few years have had a tremendous impact on the hairdressing and salon industry in so many ways and on various levels. Tumultuous times call for sometimes drastic measures. A transformation in approach, methods, techniques, protocol may become necessary. As a result, people must make big decisions, often under stress. What can be the impact on the business and, moreover, on the salon owner, partners, employees, and even the clientele?

Today, some say “the standards and systems that once brought success in the past no longer work”. Are they right?
Join Carmen DePasquale, CEO, and Founder of DePasquale The Spa and Charles and Debra Penzone,
Founders of PENZONE Salons for this virtual event. During this forum, these experts will share their journeys, the pivotal moments that transformed their businesses. More importantly, they will discuss the things most important to their growth that are still very relevant today.

Here is a relevant event that can help you find the answers to the biggest questions being asked right now. Must you stray? Are they other alternatives? If not, just how far do you stray from your core values? These may be issues that only the salon owner can decide. This is why it is important to take into consideration all points of view.

Join this virtual event to beheld on Monday, June 27, 2022. Note that there will be a General Session at 11:00-12:00 pm (EST).For more in-depth and personalized discussion, register for the Q&A Platinum Network Members ONLY session at 12:00-12:30 pm (EST).

More good news! ECRU New York is offering the ESTETICA community complimentary attendance!



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