18 May 2024

AMA Collection by Charo García

The AMA Collection by Charo García is a celebration of love and life; it breaks with the usual and is inspired by the post-wedding party.

AMA Collection

Also, its name of the AMA Collection has a double reference. On the one hand, it is a tribute to Charo García’s mother, since this word means ‘mother’ in Basque. On the other hand, it is the imperative –in Spanish– of the verb To Love with which the hairdresser proposes us to celebrate each moment and live it intensely. The music, the dance, the cocktails and the sweetness of the cake accompany sublime, impeccable looks that recreate an updated and glamorous aesthetic of the 60s and 70s.

Inés: Ready to shine

The long, wavy hair is in a high ponytail that ends with a satin bow. This updo, together with the most marked type of wave, lets the hair fall in the form of a waterfall with a vital and energetic result.

Marie: Life is a flash

The neat updo gives way to a bun that is an explosion of textures. The voluminous updo consists of different braids and knots. An example of haute coiffure.

Amelia: Double intensity

The long wavy mane is gathered into two ponytails with a raised crown and a satin ribbon. The texture comes from tighter sides and the top more hollowed out, giving shape to a new body for the hair.

Alice: Drink a vital cocktail

This flawless twisted bun is as original as it is simple. The different strands form a delicate design that is enhanced by the detail of the pearls.

Carolina: Music is a feeling

This look combines a more polished texture on the sides that contrasts with the volume of the updo before the knot of the ponytail that is crowned with the hair itself. The ponytail has soft waves, identical to the two locks that accompany the face.

Briana: The dance of joy

This ideal updo for curly hair expresses all the vibration of this texture. The loops fall to the sides and, also, from behind with a precision that does not detract its strength.

Hair & Styling: Charo Garcia for Ilitia Beauty & Science Hair Assistant and Make-up: Olatz Cid Photography & Post Production: Sergi Jasanada for Dogma Management Models: Inés Ortega; Amelia Sonn Project Management, Art Direction & Production: ComunicaHair


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