25 April 2024

Davines World Wide Hair Tour 22

The city of Parma experienced an extraordinary occasion from 4 to 7 June, when it hosted the more than 3,000 participants in the 2022 edition of the World Wide Hair Tour by Davines.

A great event where nothing had been overlooked – back to pre-pandemic levels. Impeccable preparation allowed more than 2,000 international participants and 1,000 Italians to experience the beauty of Davines in a safe and satisfying way. All the important aspects for the company were explored: first of all sustainability, with an important occasion at the Davines Village; in partnership with the Rodale Institute, the Talent Green House and an immersive and interactive approach to beauty, a sensory journey welcomed the guests culminated in the artistic expression of the many international hairstylists on stage. New this year was the WWHT Off, organised in the heart of the city. “It was an important moment for our community,” says Anthony Molet, CEO of Davines Group. “We have always been open to a broad cultural approach, to beauty in a non-canonical sense. It was an interesting way to become even more integrated with the city.”


The event began with the Davines Village tour: the realisation of the values ​​of sustainability, transparency, well-being and sharing of the brand. Developed by architects Matteo Thun and Luca Colombo, powered by 100% energy derived from renewable sources, it is surrounded by green areas including a scientific garden, a greenhouse and an arboretum. Immersed in green surroundings was the real 2022 “revolution” of the brand: the partnership with Rodale Institute, a non-profit organisation founded in 1947 in Pennsylvania, global leader for regenerative organic agriculture through the union of scientific research and training for farmers and consumers, based on a simple but effective equation: “A healthy soil translates into better food and therefore into healthier people”.

“This is why Davines Group founded the first ‘Regenerative Organic Centre’ in Europe,” says Mark Giannandrea, General Manager-Global Haircare, and Jorge Blanco, Global Narrative Storytelling & North America Culture & Creative Director. “It’s a pioneer project aimed at generating a new way of cultivating the land which in turn can increase the positive impact on people and the community. It’s a courageous plan, but years ago, even the Davines Village seemed like a dream and now it is an established reality! We want this research to work to ensure a supply of regenerative organic ingredients to the food and cosmetics industry. Projecting oneself into the future with projects that are built together little by little is part of Davines’ DNA!.”


Then everyone went to the “Fiere di Parma”, for the gala dinner. During the evening there was an on stage roundup of creative work. this came from Davide Diodovich, Annie Ankervik, Anne Veck, Ashleigh Hodges, Marriet Gakes, Brian Suhr and Kirsten Demant. This was accompanied by the enthusiasm of an effervescent international community, finally able to attend after so long


The day after, Davide Bollati, Davines Group Chairman, opened the meeting; “It is necessary to find a different way to look to the future of the world. This is why we have changed our claim ‘to be the best in the world’ to ‘to do our best for the world’. It is not just about minimising our impact on the planet. Now we need to deal with how to regenerate it and consequently take care of mankind. Today, we are going to find out what beauty means to us, how to make it grow. Thank you for your presence and passion: your encouragement helps us to change and evolve.”

We Stand

Then there was the launch of We Stand. This is a product with ingredients which come from slow food and for the first time from bio-regenerative agriculture. It was then the turn of some big names in international hairstyling. From Montreal, all the elegance and editorial creativity of Anna Pacitto, Artistic Director ICD Canada, with fascinating avant-garde looks.

“These are proposals that are difficult to implement in the salon. However, it is very important for us to keep the desire to explore new possibilities trained”. Candice Mackay wanted to create a minimal collection: “Too many retouched photos, the fiction of the image. We need to remember to be more connected to nature ”. Then to the award ceremony, with Mackay as mentor, to the winner of the Talent Green House 2021. This is a new type of competition created by Davines to support young talents. The award went to Brazilian Roberta Beta, on stage with (Un) limitation. This led onto a special effects performance by Mirela Zen, with heart tattoo and pop-up décor shaves.


We interviewed Tom Connell on the eve of his first public performance after his appointment as Hair Art Director Davines, in 2019. In an exclusive video for Estetica, he describes the concept of his show: Digital Safari.

Direct and communicative, Tom explains that he wants to go beyond the technique to deepen the concept behind the show. “As music producer Rick Rubin that ‘expressing yourself helps others express themselves'” says Tom Connell. “This is the starting concept: involving the public in the creative process “. Thus we discover how a Zen garden translates into hair graphics. Also, how a Lorenzo Serafini dress generates sporty-chic hair look. With Tom Connell we go on a trip. An experimentation of patterns, colours, research cuts. Thus the emergency red melds with the hime cut, the copper lights up a bowl and the sun yellow steals the show from ponytails and models. All in such a refined way that it appears natural, simple. We end with a very significant line from the interview: “Art is all you must not do … and Davines does many things that he must not do …”.

The July issue of Estetica Italy will have an image by Tom Connell for Davines on its cover!

A cut with a geometric shape combined with a new colour technique, the “Graduating Blonde”. Not to be missed…


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