2 April 2023

VIESO targets scalp care for more beautiful hair

VIESO targets scalp care for more beautiful hair by using essential oil therapy to create a new scalp wake series, keeping scalp healthy and hair beautiful.

Hairdressers and haircare have long recognized the importance of scalp health in keeping hair beautiful. This is why VIESO targets scalp care. indeed, a normal and healthy scalp is maintained by three balances: oil, bacteria and metabolism. Such external factors as pollution, sun, hot dye can upset this balance. Internal reasons for the same include diet, blood pressure, endocrine disorders, and unhealthy lifestyles. The result are dry, dandruff, hair loss and more. So early scalp maintenance is very important, both inside and out.

VIESO keeps scalp healthy and young!

VIESO targets scalp care by using essential oil therapy. The result is a new scalp awakening series that specializes in solving all kinds of scalp problems. The goal is to keep scalp healthy and have beautiful hair.

Indeed, this VIESO scalp awakening series contains perilla frutescens which purifies and nourishes the scalp. Citrus essence clarifies and relaxes the scalp while gently softening and exfoliating. As it removes ageing cuticles, it also balances sebum secretion to restore scalp to its healthy balance with a prolonged refreshing feel. As a result, it increases hair volume and strengthens hair from roots to ends, making it more manageable.

Other products in the VIESO scalp awakening line also contain perilla frutescence essence and other botanical essential oils.

For example, VIESO Nourishing Honey Essence contains honey, Bulgarian rose essential oil, and Shea butter oil to repair dry and damaged scalp. It also helps to reconstruct hair cells and nourish roots to prevent hair loss. These strengthened follicles help maintain a dense, healthy and vigorous head of hair.

VIESO scalp care helps prevent hair loss

Hair loss is an increasingly common problem in today’s stressful society. VIESO scalp care focuses on boosting the scalp’s natural defenses to prevent dandruff build-up and balance sebum secretion. In this way, the scalp remains soft, clean and healthy.

Indeed, VIESO systematic therapies relax and cleanse scalp, activate follicles and promote hair regrowth. Just follow these simple steps.

Step1. Section the hair and apply 5ml Perilla Frutescens Cuticle Removing Lotion onto the scalp. Gently massage scalp with fingertips using spiral movement for 3-5 minutes

Step2. Wet hair and apply 3-5ml Perilla Frutescens Scalp Awakening Lotion onto hair. Gently massage scalp with fingertips using spiral movement, working lather for 3-5 minutes. Rinse thoroughly.

Step3. Clean the scalp and dry. Then evenly spray Cypress Hair Regrowth Essence onto the entire head. Gently massage scalp with fingertips using spiral movement for 3-5 minutes. Leave in.

Step4. Evenly apply Perilla Frutescens Scalp Relaxing Essence from scalp throughout the whole head. Gently massage scalp with fingertips using spiral movement for 3-5 minutes. Leave in.

For more information on Vieso products please visit vieso.fr


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