22 February 2024

ANGEL PROFESSIONAL Rosemary Hair Activating Line

The ANGEL Professional Rosemary Hair Activating line offers products enriched with botanical essences to keep hair healthy and beautiful.

The Provence region in southern France has long been a source of outstanding botanical products for the cosmetic and perfumery industry. For this reason, ANGEL Ⅱ – PROVENCE by the Dancoly Paris brand are products destined to be unique in comparison with all other brands. This is also why Angel Professional Rosemary Hair Activating Line sources their active ingredients in this spectacular region.

Indeed, Angel Professional Rosemary Hair Activating Shampoo and Conditioner contain rosemary essence to effectively help improve the microcirculation of scalp. Indeed, rosemary essence helps enhance the penetrating ability of hair follicles to supplement sufficient nutrients and improve their activity. Moreover, it reconstructs hair cells and supplies essential protein to hair, deeply nourishing roots to prevent hair loss while repairing damaged hair. As a result, hair is strong, vibrant and healthy.

Boosting hair health and beauty

Follow up a routine shampoo and conditioning regime with Angel Professional Rosemary Activating Regrowth Essence. This extraordinary product contains rosemary essence, ginger and perilla extract to effectively activate the microcirculation of the scalp. This remarkable formulation enhances the penetrating ability of hair follicles, reconstructs hair cells and nourishes roots to prevent hair loss. It also helps to repair damaged follicles for healthier hair.

Just apply 2-3 pumps of Angel Professional Rosemary Activating Regrowth Essence and evenly apply onto towel-dried hair. Gently message with fingertips using spiral movement for 3-5 minutes. Then leave in and dry and style as usual. Use once every two days and continue using for 8 weeks for optimal results.

Today safe, sustainable, botanical products are increasingly in demand with salon professionals and savvy consumers alike. Soon after it appeared on the market, people became aware of its amazing performance and outstanding quality. For this reason, the ANGEL series quickly captured the attention of haircare professionals, establishing its position on the market. Ever since, DANCOLY COSMETIQUE has continued to expand its brand lines and perfect its marketing, enabling the ANGEL series to become one of the top-ranking brands in France.


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