18 May 2024

DUALSENSES Bond Pro from Goldwell

DUALSENSES Bond Pro from Goldwell is an intensive, professional regime. It provides instant strength and resilience for weak fragile hair that is prone to breakage.

Think: An emergency squad that instantly rescues even frail and fragile strands without weighing down. To help you to break up with breakage and split up with split ends so you can achieve a healthy relationship with stronger, more resilient and beautiful hair. 


What it is. DUALSENSES Bond Pro from Goldwell is a full range of technologically-advanced formulas suitable for all hair types prone to breakage. It instantly reinforces and restructures hair from roots to ends proving that strong is the new beautiful. 

Why it’s Different. An innovative Inter-Amino-Bond Builder fortifies hair from the inside out. 

How it works. Peptides and amino acids penetrate into the hair cortex, targeting the damaged areas. Compounds of red and brown algae extracts form ionic and hydrogen bonds, embedding these peptides in the inner cortex, making the hair fibre stronger and more resilient. 

Meanwhile, Goldwell’s proprietary MicroPROtec Complex distributes all of the essential ingredients quickly and evenly; for results you can instantly see and feel. 

The Collection Includes: 

  • Fortifying Shampoo, £12.75/250ml: Instantly delivers structure and care for weak fragile hair. Meanwhile, its Goldwell exclusive FadeStopFormula minimises colour fading with every use. 
  • Conditioner, £13.75/200ml: Immediately creates stronger hair with visibly less breakage while protecting against further mechanical damage when combing or brushing. 
  • Treatment, £15.10/200ml: Instantly strengthens hair fibre by up to 100% in 60 seconds. This prevents breakage and split ends and seal the cuticle for smoothness, combability and protection. All without weighing down the hair. 
  • Repair & Structure Spray, £15.10/150ml: Smooths hair surface and preps it for styling. It also provides long-lasting cuticle protection and resilience against day-to-day stressors, even on fine, fragile hair. 
  • Day & Night Bond Booster, £16,20/75ml: Instantly reduces breakage and split ends by up to 99% while imparting long-term strength and stability to each individual hair strand. This specific formula supports the Bond Protein network as well as providing the ultimate strengthening benefits with the highest concentration of the Inter-Amino-Bond-Builder in the range . 


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