18 May 2024

Curly Girl Method with Lorraine Massey

A book, a method and product range. With her Curly Girl Method, hairstylist Lorraine Massey offers a solution to live having brilliant, no nonsense curly hair.

It all started when Lorraine Massey, aged 16, left the hairdresser with the wrong haircut and her curls didn’t take it well. From then on so many things happened that led her to write two books – Curly Girl: The Handbook and Curly Kids: The Handbook – to found CurlyWorld, the brand that sells products designed for curly hair, and to become a reference in the styling thanks to its Curly Girl Method.

Although more than a method, as Lorraine herself defines it, it is a real lifestyle, which involves some changes in the approach to one’s hair, learning to listen to its needs. At the basis of the Curly Girl Method, in fact, there is the customization of the routine, guided by some cornerstones: banned brushes or combs, no more high temperatures, hair routines of three or four products at most, which must be plant-based, rich in natural emollients that provide true hydration.


Based on her own experience, Lorraine has come to exclude products that contain sulfates, silicones and mineral oils. Substances such as sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) act as surfactants: they lower surface tension, isolate dirt from the scalp but at the same time dry curly hair depriving it of natural lipids and sebum. According to Lorraine, using fingertips and friction, we can remove most of the dirt particles without the use of SLS.

Also beware of waxes, petroleum derivatives and alcohol. For curly hair, in fact, they could be harmful as they are dehydrating. And to have healthy curls it is essential to keep hydration high. For this reason Lorraine has created her own line of Curly World branded products. Each reference is infused with high quality botanical ingredients such as bamboo fibres, aloe vera, coconut water, which help nourish and protect.


To treat curly hair according to this method, 5 steps have been identified that guide the practice.

1. The final wash before starting the Curly Girl Method, which consists of using a shampoo containing sulphates, but not silicones. In this way the hair is not subjected to any waste.

2. Start the Curly Girl Method by washing with conditioner, in order to nourish the hair as much as possible.

3. After washing, apply a balm from roots to ends.

4. Dry the hair by dabbing with a towel or using a diffuser at very low temperatures. Applying a fixative helps define the shape of the curl.

5. Keep the curls healthy by protecting them even during the night with a silk cap or by gathering them in a high ponytail. An attention that allows you to keep the definition longer between one wash and the next.


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