24 May 2024

Colorgrace by Sens.ùs: Beautiful Refined Colour

20 years ago, Sens.ùs M3K colour was created. This has now evolved into Colorgrace. It maintains all the original characteristics that have made it one of the most popular colours in our industry.

M3K has been part of the Sens.ùs story for over 20 years. It’s a story of tradition, safety, trust, and femininity! The new M3K takes the name of a woman who has made the history in the world of beauty. It’s how Sens.ùs wants to help women feel – truly splendid like a princesses.

The name Grace deeply embodies the meaning of beauty as well as refinement. Grace is an icon of style and elegance, loved by women of all generations.


A Sens.ùs product that has gone through a 20-year evolution; from the birth of the brand, until today. And now the whole experience of Sens.ùs is contained in Colorgrace, the new classic colour range with 100 shades.

A beauty that does not fade but is handed down and is maintained over time. Colorgrace guarantees not only perfect coverage of white hair, but also vivid and brilliant colour on the lengths, whatever you client’s age.

Coloragrace is the oxidation colouring system par excellence.

Thanks to twenty years’ experience in “colour science” at the Sens.ùs R&D laboratories.

Sens.ùs have developed its formula using the latest ethical and sustainable technologies. The product offers all the advantages of a professional permanent oxidation colour, without paraphenylenediamine (PPD) and also without resorcinol, for a performing, delicate and safe service.


– 1:1.5 mix ratio

– Wide range of shades

– 100% coverage of white hair

– Lightening up to 4 shades and ever more with the ‘Superschiarenti’ formula – 1:2 mix ratio

– Kind to the scalp and hair fibre

– Brilliant results

– Perfect balance between colour and shine

– Reliable results every time

– Simple to use

– Reliable colour durability

– Multiple support on Sens.ùs app


Colorgrace has an enveloping, cosmetic and protective action thanks to its exclusive K.A.P. SHINE TRIPLEX. It guarantees perfect coverage of white hair, uniformity, brightness as well as colour retention. It is also stable over time in terms of tone and reflection. Thanks to the K.A.P. SHINE TRIPLEX it is possible to colour while nourishing from the inside. KAPS keratins and the proteins associated with them are the essential components of the internal structure of the hair.


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