24 May 2024

Vitality’s Brings You Care & Style Colore

Coloured hair needs specific care and attention to keep hair colour vibrant as long as possible. We know well that every woman wants her hair colour to remain bright, vivid and intense; just as it was when she left the salon.  Vitality’s brings you Care & Style Colore, the professional line for a bright and intense colour for longer.

A smart and complete range. Exclusive ingredients and formulas, such as Chroma Power, favour the use of naturally derived and biodegradable raw materials. Environmentally friendly packaging offers high-performance solutions for professional results.


What is it? Chroma Power is a molecule extracted from the pericarp of the pomegranate. This is the membrane that is found inside the fruit. With 100% natural extraction, it is rich in ellagic acid and is able to fight oxidative stress, extensively preserving colour. It comes from the unused parts of the fruit, so is environmental sustainable.

How does it work? Chroma Power is contained in a liposome. This is so small that it can penetrate the cortex – heart of the hair.

When it is inside the hair, the particle releases all the antioxidant power of pomegranate extract.

Care & Style Colore


  • Preserves cosmetic colour from fading: 25% reduction in colour loss
  • Improves colour protection: + 50% (compared to other competitive active ingredients)
  • Prolongs the antioxidant action 3 times more than vitamin E
  • Creates a film to protect the hair maintaining the colour dye within the structure


The Vitality’s Care & Style Colore line is characterised by a rich, warm and enveloping floral scent. The intoxicating notes of jasmine and coconut water lead to more floral notes. Here, pink, orange blossom, monoi and ylang ylang release an enveloping and vibrant warmth. Finally, the intense notes of vanilla and wood conclude the olfactory journey.

Care & Style Colore: dedicated to coloured hair.

– CHROMA SHAMPOO: Shampoo for coloured hair. It cleanses the scalp and hair, giving hydration, softness and shine. The acid pH favours the closure of the epidermal scales, enhancing the shine. The compact and soft foam gives a pleasant sensation.

– CHROMA SILK: Gel-mask for coloured hair. The acid pH closes the hair cuticles, enhancing the shine and colour. The gel formula moisturises and revitalises the hair. Easy to apply, it does not weigh the hair down. It untangles and adds softness. Hair is easy to style both wet and dry.

– CHROMA HEAT PROTECTOR: Heat protection serum for coloured hair, without rinsing. An easy to use multifunctional product:

  • Protects colour, moisturises, reduces dryness and hair breakage.
  • Smooth the surface of the hair, strengthening the internal structure. It protects the hair both from direct sources of heat (straighteners) and from indirect sources (hairdryer).
  • Anti-frizz effect.

Hair is manageable, soft and light.

– CHROMA BLOW: Light polishing spray for coloured hair. It gives colour-enhancing shine. Hair is left light and shiny. The dry formula allows you to vaporise the product on dry hair, without wetting, to complete the style with a final gesture, enhancing the colour of the hair.


– CHROMA KIT: The essential products to keep hair colour bright and shiny.

A practical retail box with Chroma Shampoo and Chroma Silk.

– CHROMA TRAVEL KIT: A travel size alternative, for a bright and brilliant colour even when away from home: Chroma Shampoo and Chroma Silk in travel format 100 ml – 50 ml.


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