24 March 2023

Working with Curly Hair with Desmond Murray

It’s the summer of curls, coils and textured hair and as clients emerged from lockdowns, they fell in love with their natural hair after years of smoothing and straightening. So what’s needed are some extra tips for working with curly hair!

Working with Curly Hair

According to Matrix Artist Ambassador Desmond Murray, the past 18-months have given clients the opportunity to experiment with their natural texture while working from home. “Many people have continued to embrace the length and natural curl of their hair. Gone are the requests for smooth blow dries and products to hide their curls; now they are looking for a whole new regime of caring, styling and working with curly hair.”

Desmond Murray

For summer 2022 it’s all about combining healthy-looking curls with shorter layers. “It’s all about shorter, tailored haircuts which have some form of colour to amplify their curl pattern and texture,” Desmond adds.

“Clients are excited about their hair again and are looking for products and know-how to get the look at home. We need to recommend the right products to them, such as Matrix A Curl Can Dream which is designed specifically for curls and coils. Every curly client is different, and they are all looking for bespoke advice, but once you’ve taught them how to care and style their curls, they will love you forever!

Desmond’s top tips for getting the best out of curly and textured hair
1 Don’t wash the hair too frequently as it will dry the scalp and the hair.
2 Don’t cut the hair wet, cut it dry so you can see the natural texture while you cut.
3 Don’t work again the curl formation, work with what you have.
4 Always use a conditioner after shampooing, such as A Curl Can Dream Rich Mask that hydrates curls without adding weight.
5 Always use a wide-tooth comb when combing through the curls so you don’t disrupt the curl formation.
6 Curls are crying out for moisture so apply a mask once a week to nourish the hair.

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