13 April 2024

Kintsugi Collection by Juanmy Medialdea

Kintsugi is a Japanese repair technique applied to ceramics when they break. This philosophy states that breakages and repairs are part of the history of an object; they should be on display. They act as a reminder of how strong we can be.

In the same way as with ceramics, we can also rebuild ourselves following the philosophy of Kintsugi. To do that it is essential to go through 4 phases: denial, pain, anger and acceptance. They will make us transcend spiritually, reaching something that is outside our bodily limits. Every break and subsequent repair entails a learning process.



The first phase of mourning, when we feel so much pain that it prevents us from believing what is happening, or we refuse to see what happened.



The phase where we feel emotions of sadness, emptiness or intense pain, coupled with thoughts that lead us to memories and the real or lost situation.



Another phase that when connecting with the loss or situation that we are suffering, it awakens in us rage, wrath or anger.


Having gone through the three previous phases, the situation is now accepted as part of our lives, a reality with which we must live and learn. With the first rays of light, the emotional Golden color will appear and with it, a discovery of capacities that were latent within us.

“I hope KINTSUGI touches your heart filling you with HOPE and illusion just as it has filled mine, reminding me that there is always a halo of light capable of penetrating the slightest crack.” Juanmy Medialdea.

Hair: Juanmy Medialdea @ Juan Miguel Medialdea Peluqueros

Hair Assistants: Jessica del Árbol and Sergio Peña Castillo

Photography: David Arnal

Make-up: D y D Escuela Superior de Imagen Integral, Sergio Peña Castillo, Álvaro Quirós and Inés Sánchez Calderón

Products: Schwarzkopf Professional


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