5 March 2024

Sugar Crush Step-by-Step by Becky Brown

Becky Brown is Senior Stylist at Elizabeth and Giovanni Hair Salon in Kidderminster. She has put together this technical step-by-step on how to create the Sugar Crush look from her latest collection.

Sugar Crush

Sugar Crush by Becky Brown for Elizabeth & Giovanni

1. We started with a cleanse using the Schwarzkopf Professional Bonacure Clean Performance Volume shampoo, which is perfect for removing any dirt and impurities but isn’t too heavy on the hair.

2. I then used Schwarzkopf Professional Silhouette Colour Brilliance mousse before applying the Session Label THE THICKENER spray and Bonacure Clean Performance Repair Rescue Sealed End, this combination helped to add volume, shine and to smooth out the ends, giving me the perfect base to create my look

3. I then partially dried the hair before going in with a blow-dry brush. The focus was on getting lift at the roots, smooth through the middle and then a bend in the very ends of the hair. I didn’t want to curl the hair, but instead to get a dramatic flick throughout the ends. I used the medium to hot setting on the hairdryer to smooth out the hair as much as I could, then switched to cool to set the hair.

4. Once set, I pined the ends up to help keep their shape whilst I finished the rest of the look.

5. I then worked on my deep side fringe. I sectioned with my pin tail comb before below drying it very sleek and without much body. This gave the fringe a smooth finish around the side of the face.

6. Next I left the hair to cool for a good hour so before I started taking the pins out. Once they were all out, I went through with a soft bristle brush to release the hair, giving it lots of body and texture.

7. I then began work on the pig tales. I created a zig zag parting at the top so you couldn’t see a straight line on the photo. Then sectioned in to two pig tales before tying the bobbles high and tight. This helped to bring hight and drama to the finished image.

8. Once everything was in place, I went through with large tongs to define the ends and used OSIS+ Keep it Light hairspray for strong but moveable hold.


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