24 May 2024

Kaley Cuoco: beachy blonde red carpet look

Christine Symonds styled Kaley Cuoco’s hair for the LA premiere of The Flight Attendant last night! Her signature blonde hair took on a voluminous, beachy hair look with fringed bangs.

Kaley Cuoco, the leading actress of The Flight Attendant, had Clairol Professional Stylist, Christine Symonds, style her hair for the LA premiere of the second season of the hit series. The fantasticly voluminous, beachy look and fringed bangs definitely enhanced her blonde hair with effortless texture without compromising on glam.

The Season 2 premiere of HBO Max Original Series took place at the Pacific Design Center on in West Hollywood, California. For the event, Cuoco sported a Dior navy and black embroidered tulle dress, which contrasted delightfully with her laid-back, California blond, beachy hair look.

Christine shared here inspiration, saying, “To really show off Kaley’s beautiful blonde hair, I utilized a curl technique that created a polished, effortless texture that isn’t too contrived. It worked beautifully with her gown and bronze, glowing make-up.”

Beachy blonde hair look Step-by-Step

  • Wash hair with Clairol Professional Shimmer Lights Shampoo and Conditioner  to remove any brass and keep blonde tones bright. 

PRO PICK! Christine loves this product because it restores the hair’s moisture for silky, shiny and healthy-looking hair. 

  • Next, dry any fringe first so it sets early. 

PRO TIP! Always tackle fringe first when it’s most wet. The more it air dries, the more challenging it will be to set. 

  • Then, rough dry the rest of the hair with fingers, making sure to over-direct the root to create extra volume. 
  • Finally, use a 1½ inch curling iron to create effortless easy texture. Start by holding the iron horizontal to the head and wrap the hair around the barrel only one time. Pull the barrel out and move down the hair shaft 2-3 inches, wrapping the hair around the barrel in the opposite direction only once. 
  • Continue down the hair length, alternating wrapping directions until you reach the ends. 


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