18 May 2024

Day of Inspiration, Motivation and Love

For the first time since the pandemic began, the team from the three Paterson SA and Luvely salons got together to spend an insightful day of inspiration, motivation and at the same time taking themselves on a journey of self-discovery.

Day of Inspiration

Paterson SA and Luvely have a reputation for for investing in their team and the inclusivity of their team; especially when it comes to transparency and making decisions and future plans. The day of inspiration got underway with an interactive first session entitled ‘Our Visions and Values’ began. This discussion and brainstorming session brought many great ideas. The team will integrate these to ensure clients and the team benefit from the new and continued vision and values.

The next session was ‘It’s All About You’. This provided attendees with the tools to create a positive mindset. It also covered how to change their strategy, reset their mindset, increase motivation and boost their self confidence. This was a powerful session and afterwards the energy in the room was electric.

New approaches to work in the salon

The third and final session was ‘Love Is All You Need’. This highlighted the love that the team have for each other and for themselves as individuals. Throughout the day, two exceptional presenters were responsible for taking the team on a journey and making them think about things in a different way and question what they were doing to come up with new ideas and ways of approaching their work in the salon and regarding their own self-care. Dawn Thomson, a client of the salon and a Transformational Therapist and Sara Maude from the Mind Solution, who works with Tesla, Diageo, RBS and Sofology worked alongside directors, Elaine Murdoch, Lynn Cairns and Layla King to make the day exciting and insightful, leaving the team feeling focused and motivated.

“It’s been over two years since we had a day like today and it was incredible, even better than we expected it to be. To see the team together, interacting like they did, supporting one another and making plans for the future of Paterson SA and Luvely, made us so proud,” said Director Layla King.  “We can’t wait to do it all again.”


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