3 February 2023


KMS has eliminated the compromise that often comes with being eco-friendly but creating consistently fabulous hair. That’s why KMS is making it simple to make conscious choices and get superb results with its new and innovative CONSCIOUS STYLE range.


This range of gentle essential hair care products designed for daily use is formulated with minimal, mostly naturally-derived, yet high performing ingredients with a nominal impact on nature. Ideal for normal to fine hair and safe for colour-treated hair, CONSCIOUS STYLE works from start to finish imparting weightless hydration, enhancing natural texture, protecting against environmental* pollutants and creating pure, individual style. (*Relevant for Conditioner and Spray)

CONSCIOUS STYLE is all about using less to achieve more. The range incorporates streamlined formulations. These are composed of pure, simple and mostly sustainable ingredients carefully chosen to live up to your hair styling expectations; up to 98% are naturally derived and up to 97% are biodegradable. Meanwhile the line also incorporates KMS’s unique TRIfinity Technology, which was developed to complement START. STYLE. FINISH. in every style you create.

The CONSCIOUS STYLE ingredients include sustainably sourced, highly-effective and carefully picked ECOCERT extracts, including:


MORINGA SEED OIL, which has a reputation as the miracle tree and the most nutritious plant on earth. This rich smoothing oil is replete with natural antioxidants to help ensure hair hydration while protecting the hair and scalp from environmental pollutants.

OAT OIL, which is famous for its gentle and soothing properties. Packed with lipids and vitamins, this natural extract helps maintain the scalp’s natural balance by replacing lipids lost in everyday activities, while hydrating the scalp, locking moisture into hair and restoring natural lustre and elasticity.

CONSCIOUS STYLE keeps it clean, by not using sulphates, silicones, micro-plastics, mineral oils, dyes/artificial colorants and animal-derived products. Any included fragrance has a low allergy potential.

All CONSCIOUS STYLE packaging utilises up to 53% recyclable PCR (post consumer recycled materials). Both Everyday Shampoo and Conditioner are up to 100% recyclable. Bonus: Through reducing and recycling virgin plastic consumption,

CONSCIOUS STYLE significantly decreases carbon emissions.



This daily mild shampoo gently cleanses and helps maintain the natural balance of the scalp while providing weightless hydration to leave hair with a natural touch and healthy shine. Formulated with KMS’s AHA Structure Complex that improves not only the internal structure of hair with organic acids but also the external structure, priming hair for optimal style creation.


This mild and nourishing daily treatment gently detangles and maintains the natural balance of the hair and scalp. It also while enhances manageability and elasticity. Formulated with KMS’s AHA Structure Complex that improves not only the internal structure of hair with organic acids but also the external structure, priming hair for optimal style creation.


This convenient non-aerosol spray is a power cleanse that neutralises odours, absorbs oils and removes styling product residues and environmental pollutants from the hair and scalp without leaving behind white residues. The cleansing power is courtesy of a natural clay that gently purifies the hair by absorbing and separating pollutants and oils. Ideal for medium to fine hair and safe for colour-treated strands, it also provides weightless hydration.


This hybrid flexible styling spray/finishing hairspray features minimal ingredients. They include an innovative polymer that creates a flexible shield around the hair that in perfect combination with a moisturiser enhances hair elasticity and manageability. During blow-drying and using hot tools, it also adds texture and control. Meanwhile, the flexible sealing polymer provides a medium hold and reduces frizz while creating a barrier against environmental pollution.


This paste/cream with a firm consistency that softens easily in your hand. This gives even, perfect distribution. It features an innovative blend of naturally-derived Carnauba Wax as well as a natural styling polymer. Apply to towel-dried hair to seal in hydration while adding control, definition, long-lasting hold without stiffness and a matte finish.

Click here for more information about KMS CONSCIOUS STYLE and all KMS products.


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