25 April 2024

Robin LaChance: NAHA 2022 Styling and Finishing winner!

This year’s winner in the NAHA Styling and Finishing category, Robin LaChance, gave Estetica some insight into what it takes to be the best.

Nine-time Contessa Finalists, BTC ’21 Finalist, two-time Contessa Texture Stylist of the Year and now NAHA 2022 Styling and Finishing Winner, Robin LaChance presented a collection that could have won in multiple collections! It features original color and color placement, exquisitely innovative cuts, visionary styling. How and why did she do it?

Tell us about your motivation for entering NAHA

Entering NAHA was a way to challenge myself and my creativity to evolve in a more refined way. The artists that compete in NAHA are insane artists! To be able to create at this level has been a long time career goal and continues to be.

Where did you draw your inspiration for the concept? The colors, color placement, shapes and textures…

I love an interesting silhouette. I always try and create a shape that keeps the eye moving on the outer silhouette and the texture within. I really enjoy fluid textures. I wanted to let my tastes mature with this collection. I placed colour very specifically to push the movement of the styles. I was influenced by the wardrobe and styling from various artists at the Japan Hairdressing Awards.

When creating this collection I used Schwarzkopf Professional colour. Igora Vibrance and BLONDEME were my go because they are so shiny,  blends beautifully and can be customized with boosters to make intense shades. Igora Vibrance is a Demi permanent colour and has two developer choices, gel and cream allowing me to push colour into the hair in different ways to create texture. BLONDME has Fibreclinix bonding agent built into the lightener and color to protect while pre-lightning and toning. The hair felt beautiful after processing which is always nice when doing photo work.

How did you put the team together?

When I was first getting into doing photoshoots, I asked a few artists who they shot with. I did some research on the photographers and reached out to Paula Tizzard. Her aesthetic is beautiful and our communication was comfortable from the first conversation. That was important to me when deciding to create with someone. Paula connected me with Florencia Taylor. She is an incredible makeup artist and a Contessa and NAHA Winner. I also hired a Toronto based Canadian fashion designer Adrian Arnieri to do the wardrobe styling. I gave him my inspiration and a brief explanation and he made the beautiful clothing in all my collections so far. It is really important to me that the team feels free to discuss and add their creativity to the project.

What was the shoot like? What do you believe she contributed to the success of the collection?

Paula is an amazing person and photographer. We have worked together quite a bit in the past few years. The way she lights hair, captures the mood and enhances the silhouettes I craft always blows me away.  We talk very candidly to one another which is super important to me when making art with someone. We need to be connected throughout the process and appreciate one another’s eye and emotion on set. Making art changes so much throughout the process so total trust is a must.

Paula definitely pushes me to not get stuck on one look and to let the creativity flow into different directions once we “got the shot” …that’s when some really amazing shots happen. It has even ended up being the final image in a past collection.  

Is one of the shots your favorite and why?

I enjoy each of the looks for different reasons. I think the blonde model with the sapphire blue and merlot red hair pulls on my heart a little bit more than the others though. I love how the color fanned and suspended on the sides and all the quirky dips and the way the little petals of hair fell. I like the way the balance of colour and style turned out.

What plans do you have for future competitions?

I am so excited to create again! The pandemic had put a pause on doing photoshoots, but I have two new projects planned this year. Our salon (Tinted Love Hair Studio, Barrie On) is doing a salon team collection for the first time together and I have a personal session set up as well. I plan on entering Contessa and NAHA for sure.

What advice would you give to hairdressers aspiring to enter NAHA or other competitions?

Do it! Find a mentor and a photographer that is willing to answer your questions. It helps to talk to someone experienced to point you in the right direction. I have found that everyone that does these competitions supports and encourages one another like a family. It is one of the best feelings to see an idea in your head come to life. Photoshoots change the way your eye sees hair. I think doing competitions and photoshoots elevates skill as well as passion for our craft.


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